Missing scene from Days

I wrote this on an S&K board in advance of seeing how Steve and Kayla’s quarantine story would play out. However, I do think it pretty much holds up except I refer to Steve as Nick which is how I was seeing him before we started seeing more Steve-like behavior from him. This was written because I knew the show was going to gas our beloved couple and then pick up IMMEDIATELY with them in comas. I felt it was necessary to add an “in between” scene.

[Scene starts right where Nick and Kayla have been gassed.]

Kayla: Nick? Nick? Are you ok? *coughs*

Nick: *deeper, more manly, cough* Kayla? I’m having a hard time seeing.

Kayla: Before we collapse from what I realize is obviously a hastily made deadly toxin used by default evil organizations eveywhere…maybe we can have a general discussion to kill time?

Nick: Now? *more coughing*

Kayla: [lays down in his lap. Nick thinks she looks cute so he doesn’t mind.] So…*cough cough* how have you been?

Nick: Fine. Been…busy.

Kayla: With Billie.

Nick: *coughs* Yea, sorry.

Kayla: No need to apologize. I thought I would be upset with you dating her but now I realize it’s for the best.

Nick: [surprised at her attitude.] *coughs more intently* Oh??

Kayla: *coughing in the sexiest, most disinterested way that she can* Yea, I’ve been really busy with scrap-booking lately and a man would just distract me from that. *coughs* It’s quite an Unrelated-Steve hobby which takes up so much of my time.

Nick: You like to scrapbook? So do I! *coughs in excited way*

Kayla: [covering her surprise] Really? I didn’t…*coughing cutting her off as situation has become more serious.*

Nick: Oh, I love it. You know, what’s fun? [Lays down besides her while they both have coughing fits that lasts a few minutes] I love to make frames using scrapbook stuff. *coughs*

Kayla: Frames? *Tears in eyes as coughing continues*

Nick: Oh yea, they are really cheap, plastic frames. You get a group shot and put stickers and such that match up that group’s interests. *coughs* I did one for my football buddies in Cincy.

Kayla: Hmmmmm. I sort of did that once. *coughs* But I didn’t put stickers in with the frame picture. I posted a little writeable note-the format matching that Mastercard commercial.

Nick: *coughing followed by more coughing* Mastercard?

Kayla: Yea, you know…”the priceless commercials.” It’s really easy. *coughs* For your football group you could do: “a beer: $4.50; an oversized hand to wear: $10.00; scalped tickets for the Superbowl: $500 each. A day hanging out with your friends watching your favorite team winning in overtime: priceless!” [Passes out from talking too much.]

Nick: Wow, that is a great idea! [Realizes she is unconcious.] OMG, Kayla *coughs* You can’t leave me! I feel like I’m getting to know you! Billie has no interest in scrap-booking! [Shakes her with tears in his eye and follows up with booming Steve-like wail] KAYLA!!!!!

[Nick Passes out. Hospital staff finds our couple that way.]


2 thoughts on “Missing scene from Days

  1. OMG Tripp, I just stumbled onto your website by following the link from marypickford’s blog and this.just.killed.me.


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