I Vow…

So it’s late in the year to start with NY’s resolutions.  However, I don’t think it’s ever too late for trying to improve oneself.  So with that in mind, behold, my self-improvement vow:

I vow to remember that all fandoms that I watch on TV and become obsessed with and begin thinking about throughout the day…are about fictional characters.  They are not real and therefore I can keep them in the fantasy part of my mind where reality does not visit.  This includes all characters that below in a fictional world of Salem, USA all the way to Las Vegas, NV.  It also includes wherever the hell that island is in Lost as well as the International world we learn in Heroes.

TV is just TV.  If I meet on some crazy fan boards who think that my beloved ships (S&K, Chick) are no where near their dreaded God awful ships (J&M, Shelle), I shall brush it off.  It makes no difference to me.  Their insane attitudes with poor taste in actors will only cause me to pity them.  Stolen comforters notwithstanding.

People who think that Grissom is a sexy man on CSI and not see him for the grizzley adams, bug obsessed, sweater wearing waddler he is are of no concern to me.  So what if Sara’s crediability as a SCIENTIST was shot to hell the minute she let Grissom finally come down off his own principled high horse to give her that relationship she has been craving since arriving in LV 7 years ago while ignoring at least 3 gorgous hot stud muffins who are younger and most certainly just as smart as porkbelly is?  They are NOT REAL PEOPLE.

Kate loves Sawyer on Craphole Island but for some reason it’s fathomable she is going to trek through those dangerous jungles to go after Jack only to keep stringing the Jate fans for a few more weeks even though Sawyer is way more interesting and compelling compared to self-righteous, morally superior Jack.  However, if the worse becomes true and she does LOVE Jack,  I can live with letting it go!  It’s only a show after all.

So TV is just TV and it’s not real.  I shall not get caught up in flame wars or let passionate posters on the wrong team bug me in anyway.  As is my vow, this day, a few days short of the Ides of March.


4 thoughts on “I Vow…

  1. So…let us know how this vow works out for you. Because, maybe I could try it too (if it works) having a few obsessions here. Days, some GH, Lost, Veronica Mars, Men in Trees…

  2. Yea, so far I haven’t been very successful. Basically I know one thing. I have to stay away from the DOOL board at Sony and CSIFiles.com. It’s all I can do.

  3. Really I’m not going to make any vows at all.

    So far I haven’t done anything wacky like drive all the way across the country to attack a soap actor with the mistaken idea that he is the character he plays, so I think I’m okay. Haven’t shipped any comforters to any shows either.

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