Pet Peeve

Lately I have noticed a certain trend over at the Sony Days boards. Some of the more extreme fans (not just J/M, but the Bope and even S/K fans) will always badmouth other storylines that have nothing to do with their own. If you watch scenes and don’t care too much for them, fine, but what is irking me is posters over there that spam threads of other storylines about how much they suck. When they get into details…well, they can’t because they say, “I stopped watching the show when they pushed my couple to BB but I know I hate character x because of past behavior.”

I think nothing irks me more on a general fan board where you go to post about, yes, your favorites on a TV show but usually involve yourself into discussions of all storylines. Even if you only like one specific section of the show…why comment on other topics where others are trying to hold a meaningful conversation and support any good storyline?

I guess I”m just tired of constantly posting in a debate like fashion with people who have 1) not watched the scene 2) insist the actors are not worth their time to watch but yet 3) insist on posting on these characters in the most negative way possible.

Seriously, I watch almost 100% of the show. I mean, I suffer through Shelle and J/M scenes so I can simply snark on them later. If I skipped them, I wouldn’t dare comment. I apologize to anyone who has done this before, but seriously quit it. It bugs.

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve

  1. I’ll add something else to your pet peeve. I haaaate it when people who are unhappy with the show talk about how they want it to be cancelled. Really, can’t they just change the channel?

    I watch 100% of the show too. I’m always hoping storylines or characters that aren’t working will turn themselves around.

  2. I hate that too marypickford. I really grow tired of overly negative fans who insist the show SUCKS and isn’t worth their time. Ok, well then, quit watching!

    But then, some of them have but continue to post about the scenes they only read about. I mean….that is ludicrous to me. I quit watching CSI: Miami this year….I occasionally read about what happened but I would never go to a MB and start talking about how the show sucks and isn’t my time. I have more respect for the people who are still watching it for that.

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