Chick redux

I love Chelsea/Nick and am totally behind this pairing. Though I wasn’t happy with Nick sleeping with Billie, I can understand what Hogan was trying to do. Build up Nick’s confidence then wind up adding more angst later when the secret came out.

However, I keep coming to another idea that could have worked better IMO. And it’s so in my mind I could almost write a FF on it. I think that Nick shouldn’t have slept with Billie but Chelsea winds up thinking he did. Let’s say we get a few more days of them being “happy”. Meanwhile, Billie sleeps with that geeky assistant. He leaves his belt. Chelsea finds it. Nick is “unavailable” during that time too. Chelsea knows he lost his virginity to an older woman (someone else who isn’t important).

Chelsea takes the belt to Abby to show her (just cause, sigh, she’s that weird). Before she can tell Abby how she found the belt, Abby tells her Nick has one just like it. Chelsea freaks out. Nick comes in. Conveniently, he has lost his belt and Chelsea believes it’s evidence. She begins yelling at him obviously hurt asking how he could do this. Once she outright accuses him Nick is bewildered and tells her it isn’t true. She doesn’t believe him. Knowing how spiteful Chelsea can be, she says some really cruel things to him.

She leaves and then goes to confront her mom (at work). She doesn’t believe her mom when she says it wasn’t Nick but when the assistant comes in and sees his belt Chelsea realizes it’s the truth. Now Chelsea is mortified and goes to apologize to Nick who is hurt and angry.

I guess I want this to be more of a learning experience to Chelsea. Nick’s already made his mistake with Lonely Splicer. Also, it’s obvious Chelsea will be blamed for the fire at Bo/Hope’s house, Nick can swallow his pride and believe that Chelsea would never have done such a thing. His agreeing to help Chelsea is only an act of kindness he tells her but of course this is their way to get back together.

I just think it’s about time that Nick stops treating Chelsea like she is a princess on a pedestal. He’s screwed up more times than is realistic and I can’t imagine Chelsea isn’t yet the real bad guy (other than being mean to him in the beginning). I think Chelsea’s redemption is great and awesome, but I want to see what Rachel Melvin can do portraying Chelsea for not only realizing her screwup, but trying to work through it.

Or, I could just realize I’m way more into this Chick ship than I should admit.

8 thoughts on “Chick redux

  1. Hey Tripp! What I like about your scenario is that Nick wouldn’t have taken advantage of an obviously drunk Billie. I know, he’s a horny virgin and it’s totally believable that he slept with her, especially since Chelsea was being so mean to him at the time. But that did bother me a bit—I thought he tarnished his “white knight” status. When he was assurring Chelsea on Monday that “Yeah, your mom was totally blotto,” I thought Chelsea should have snapped at him about that.

  2. I like it because you have one bad guy (Chelsea) who isn’t unreasonably upset if the situation were true. It takes the pressure off Nick and Billie (the latter who is getting blasted left and right) and if Chelsea does believe it happened recently, it is a betrayal making the situation worse.

    I also think it’s really important to let Nick see Chelsea when she is in angry vengeful mode but when he is innocent. I can imagine Chelsea actually saying some really horrible things (how dare you cheat on me! I only went out with you because I felt sorry for you) that she does not mean but says out of anger. He will be crushed and not be willing to take her back when she comes to apologize.

    On the other hand, I can see why they didn’t go this route. Chelsea needed the sympathy as Nick is a much more likable character compared to Chelsea’s colorful (well, really solid black) history on the show. If Chelsea screws up, it better be down the road where fans are convinced they belong together 100% otherwise most people will say Nick is too good for her.

  3. Well, you know…I’m not fond of Billie. She always seems to make disasterous choices for her own life and often ends up hurting others in the process. It’s a never-ending cycle for her.

    It would have been terrific if YOUR scenario had been used rather than the one that actually WAS. It would have achieved the same result, which was a big conflict between Nick and Chelsea, but Billie wouldn’t have slept with a man almost young enough to be her son, which I find disturbing.

    I hope Nick and Chelsea can get past this incident.

    I don’t care at the moment if Chelsea forgives Billie. Realistically, this should have big repercussions for them.

    Good job!

  4. The thing on Billie is it seems to be someone else’s fault. Notice how often she has mentioned it was Steve’s letter. I realize that put her in a dark place but I get a knee jerk reaction like Billie is a J/M fan or something. 🙂

    I am sure Nick and Chelsea will get past it (unless God forbid they actually pair her with Jed be still my heart!)

  5. What I’ve liked with the fallout from this so far is that Chelsea seems more angry at Billie than at Nick. That, I think, is fair. Though I DO like Billie, she definitely needs to stop using attention from men and/or impulsive sex to distract herself from her problems. I’m hoping that this will be a wake-up call for her.

    I tend to agree, Tripp, regarding Chelsea and her solid-black history (hee!). She was being pretty mean to Nick for quite some time, so there needs to be some balance.

  6. Well, today’s episode shows she is incrediably angry at Nick. Man, what I would give for them to at least let this be a different Salem day from their “study session”. Even when they get past this, the moment where Chelsea admitted she first felt something for Nick is ruined because….”it’s the same day I found out you boffed my mom!” It’s how I feel about the wonderful Lobster date of S/K. LOVE THOSE SCENES, but it’s the same night Adrienne got raped by her father.

  7. Yes, she certainly was angry at Nick, wasn’t she? I still think, in the end, Chelsea will forgive Nick first—partly because I think he’s going to be only one standing by her during this firesetting story, but also because I think she’ll see that Billie’s boundary-crossing was “bigger” than Nick’s. At the time he slept with Billie, he was just her stepped-on poodle/sortof friend and had no real obligation to her, but Billie as her mom should consider her daughter’s friends off-limits for hookups. If that makes any sense.

    Chelsea gets the best lines (“Billie’s bordello”, “devirginator”–that’s almost as good as our own TWoP “Fallonation”), but the great thing about Chick is that even with the more “standard” lines (“How could you?” etc) they’re really working off each other and selling it.

    I’m with you on the lobster dinner scenes. Those were worse, I think, because the show was actually cutting back and forth between Adrienne-in-jeopardy and Steve and Kayla’s date!

  8. Today’s scenes were great and rough at the same time. I’m not a true Billie hater like some extreme S/K fans, but I did enjoy Chelsea giving it to her with both barrels. It’s about freaking time actually.

    That said, Chelsea does get the best lines. She got them even back in the summer during the horrid Billie/Steve storyline. It was actually great watching her duel off with SN who could give as could as she could.

    *reminiscent* On the lobster scenes…I adore those. However, it’s tough to watch them when you see Adrienne in danger (like you said, Mary). I love that “date” probably more than any of their other dates. Because I really enjoyed the fact that it was Kayla’s turn to open up and be herself. Not trying to be something she isn’t (like on the pool dates, though she did have fun). Her releasing the lobsters from her dad’s fish market and also explaining the different boiling a lobster and eating a cow make me laugh out loud, not just Steve. It’s a shame it’s that same fateful night. Ugh…I guess it’s all in the timing huh?

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