Lost, my forgotten friend

Ok, so this has happened for the second week in a row.  I have forgotten to watch Lost.  Again! I remember the days where I would sit on my couch, Tivo with the Live TV option because I was so excited to see a new episode.  That was just last fall.

I guess this is where the long hiatus has gotten us. I think the winter break was longer than the summer one.  Add to the fact that they moved it back an hour and I am just thrilled I have Tivo in my life so I don’t have to remember to watch it.

The season isn’t as good as last season.  I am really loving Heroes now which I think are doing a better job of answering important questions but still doing the routine of creating new ones for us to muddle through.  However, it’s only in it’s first season so it’s got that new kid on the block feel.  The problem with shows like Heroes and Lost is after they mature into a long running series, they get into a loop because they aren’t ready to answer the main questions that in reality is time for them to do so.


2 thoughts on “Lost, my forgotten friend

  1. Yeah i agree Lost is kind of going down hill, but hopefully it will improve. The episodes ARE getting better i suppose. But I’m a big Claire fan so thats probably why i enjoyed this episode. The Hurley car was good too, a little more fun. Instead of always running away from monsters and the others etc. Kinda lightens the mood. Makes it more enjoyable to watch.

  2. I enjoyed the Hurley episode too. It was light-hearted and I think the show needed that. I like Claire but not a big Charlie fan, however this episode did make me feel sorry for him. Rumors are that another main character dies at the end of the season. The obvious choice would be Charlie.

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