Lucas was awesome

I know.  I don’t think I have ever written those words.  Well, not in a long time.

I have liked Lucas if only because he was, for a long time, the anti-hero of Days.  He was the nemesis to super good Austin.  I really liked him sparring with Sami and they eventually became the more popular couple.

That said, I haven’t cared for him that much since returning to DOOL when S&K came back.  I honestly think they have given him his own (to borrow a term from TWoP) GHH…well I guess that would be a GWW.  He is self-righteous and a know it all, he never admits to past wrong actions and he acts like Sami should thank God he has decided to even speak to her much less date her.

Ok, that might be an exageration, especially lately.  But in the summer that is how I saw him. Even though he was on speaking terms with Sami (while married to Carrie) it seemed almost everything out of his mouth was a snide remark about their past relationship.  When he did give her a compliment, it would be incrediably back-handed. “You really have changed your life around, it’s too bad you didn’t do this when we were together.”

I think when the Carrie & Austin departure took place, Hogan really did a diservice by having Lucas about turn and immediately deciding to woo Sami away from EJ.  I’m not saying I didn’t want them together, but it seemed he then knew suddenly they belonged together.  I really think it would have been nicer for them to set up and let him be in denial about his feelings for a time while Sami could be distrustful of his interest in her which would force him to admit to his own bad conduct around her.

That said, if we see more scenes like yesterday, I will say all is forgiven.  ALL IS FORGIVEN!  Ok, maybe not but I loved him with Billie, with Chelsea and with Sami.  Oh, and even with EJ!  All scenes were great.  His speaking directly to Chelsea was awesome.  Letting her know forcefully she was out of line but at the same time telling her they are family and they will be there for her was a relief to see. This show has gone so long with families absent from each other’s lives.  I appluad the whole scene.  Lucas actually apologizing to Sami in the hall was a total shock to me (he would never have done that if still married to Carrie) and I was really happy to see it.

However, wouldn’t it have been awesome if Sami had said, “Sure she can stay with us!  Any niece of yours is a cousin of mine!”  LOL.

2 thoughts on “Lucas was awesome

  1. Yes, they’re really turning Lucas around. I’m so grateful that he’s not being all judgmental with that little furrowed brow. He saves the furrowed brow for Kate now.

    When I first started watching Days again Lucas was unbearable! Carrie and Lucas were painful to watch. Their endless love scenes. Yuck.

  2. He saves the furrowed brow for Kate now.

    LMAO, who so deserves it more than ever! And ITA on Carrie and Lucas. OMG, there was this one scene with the quad (plus EJ I think) and it’s late at night and Lucas gets a call and it’s business. He turns to Carrie and says, “Your husband is a very busy man!” I’m like…WTH? I’m so glad they got rid of that pompous attitude.

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