Just some TWoP schematics

Anyone who doesn’t go to TWoP may wonder what the following schematics mean. It’s difficult to explain unless you were in the conversation but I’ll give a short synopsis:

Schematic #1:

Choose Your Table

Basically we have several tables available for people to sit at depending on who’s “side” you are on with Days. It’s complete with Willow as a waitress serving.

Schematic #2:

This was based on Stefano extracting sperm from his previous prisoners and I felt he would label the jars thusly

I think the crudeness of the drawings lends realism to the overall effect. 🙂 Lastly, MaryPickford and DeputyCommSense have some awesome schematics of their own which are certainly far superior to mine.


5 thoughts on “Just some TWoP schematics

  1. Thanks, Mary! Yours is far more thorough. I was so nervous to post them at TWoP earlier. The Sperm Collection one I did yesterday in the last 20 minutes of work because I was trying to kill time (as we all try to do at work 😉 )

    Have you seen Deputy’s yet? It’s awesome.

  2. I did see Deputy’s schematic–it really is awesome! I love the colors she used. Unlike me it looks like she can actually draw.

    I saw your post on TWoP about the rumor about Hogan. If JERk comes back I don’t know what I would do. I hate it when fans threaten to stop watching if such-and-such happens, but I feel like I really would stop watching then.

  3. I agree with both of you. I would probably stop watching if JERk came back to which makes me feel guilty as I’m so “up to here” with fans who quit watching because Bo/Hope and J/M are not featured as much. I admit I came back to the show because of S/K’s return, but if they were the only reason I was still watching the show, I would probably have lost interest by now. It takes more than one storyline to keep my interest.

    I do promise, even if I did quit watching, I would stop posting at the fan sites. If you aren’t actually watching the show, you lose the right to post and complain about it (IMO).

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