Can I possibly like Marlena?

Where she is shoehorned into scenes with my beloved Sweetness, is it possible for me to like Marlena? I can laugh pretty hard at her acting as the next sane person, but seeing her more than two days in a row makes me reach for alcohol.

I know, it is unreasonable that we have only today to witness Marlena’s reaction to John’s kidney removal by her good friend, Kayla. And when I say witness Malena’s reaction that means watching her jerk her body to envoke emotion as her face can no longer support facial movement. Oddly, Deidre Hall played the earlier of today’s scenes as stationary as a statue which really made it difficult to understand how she was feeling, especially since she verbally contradicted herself. Many fans on TWoP have found that they sort of miss Marlena when she isn’t around and when the story dictates for her to be there, she should be there doing her squinting and airgasms as much as the scene dictates. Me? I find I don’t miss her, I don’t want her around and even if Hogan writes the fantasy sequence of my dreams where Marlena begs Sami for forgiveness for being the worst mother in the world, I still wouldn’t be happy to have to watch it.

I’m getting off topic though. The point I was trying to make is if she shares scenes with one of my all time favorite actresses, can I possibly begin liking an actress I despise with the passion of a thousand gasps? Today’s show didn’t do it for me. I adore MBE and her exasperation at Marlena’s lack of movement (pun!) in trying to get to the bottom of everything was classic. There are sure to be more days to follow of the two together and I am wondering if by the end of the week, is it possible I will wind up liking Marlena more?

My guess, I might wind up liking Kayla less. (Just kidding! Oh, I’m so kidding!)

8 thoughts on “Can I possibly like Marlena?

  1. I know I can’t possibly like Marlena as long as she’s written so passive. I did love that Kayla literally dragged Marlena out of Billie’s apartment after they found the map. Too funny.

  2. I know! How cute is Kayla? Though part of me felt she probably would be better at going by herself but after seeing the previews I now know she needed someone to drive.

  3. Maybe if she admits every single one of her horrible parenting decisions, her favoritism toward Belle, etc., her neglect and her treatment of Sami (I’ve got a really long list of parental grievances against her) and starts really acting (as in conveying thoughts and emotions), then maybe after about 2-3 years of this I could actually want to watch her. Then again, maybe not. At least, not without a good bottle of Pinot Grigio to get through it.

  4. I swore off tequila a couple of years ago after an extremely enjoyable evening followed by an EXTREMELY heinous hangover, which I have never forgotten. I swore that if I lived through it, I’d never touch the stuff again. And I haven’t. Having said that, the day that I find out Marlooney has left the building for good…the party is at my house and Jose Cuervo will be a very good friend of mine once again! Margaritas for EVERYONE!!

    I love this blog – seeing schematics again brought a happy tear to my eye…I gotta start hanging out at TWoP again!

  5. Denise, I have a long list too of parental grievances for Marlena. Shall we compare? 😉

    *waves to Lorrie* Good to see you here! Hang out at TWoP. It’s the best board (especially for DOOL).

  6. I think she’s the worst parents on the planet of Salem. Kate is a close runner-up, and Bonnie was really pretty terrible. The thing with those last two, though, is that their kids know that their mother is absolutely awful. With Marluna everyone is always praising her to high heaven. What a good mother, what a wonderful blah, blah, blah. She even praises herself. I think that would be even more damaging than the actual abuse and neglect. Because all her kids buy that crap, even Sami.

    I want her to actually have to hear the entire list of her really bad parenting and own up to it, for real. Not her phony, big fake tears apologies, then turning around to be verbally abusive or playing favorites again. Once she does that, then maybe, just maybe, I could watch her. But I’m still keeping an eye on her in case she decides to turn into the Bride of Satan or whatever she was those other times.

    And to think I actually liked her back in 1986. She was on the bottom of my top three favorite female characters in Salem, but still, I liked her.

  7. You get no complaint from me. I think she’s horrid too. And just as you said, her actions as a bad mother are never recognized, in fact she is heralded is a good mother.

    If it makes you feel any better, it’s like the show wants to write her this way. My friend (who just has gotten into soaps as I spoke of on your blog) was watching the scene where Sami receives her citizenship medal. She gets to witness Marlena pretty much showing the sheer favoritism to Belle over Sami (which BTW, she never mentions Belle unless Sami is around) in that scene and I had to tell her how that was pretty tame actually.

  8. Seriously, I love when you write about Marlena. Nothing like a good hearty laugh to make a person feel better!

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