Continuing with the Marlena series

Well, since part of my episode was blacked out thanks to the local city government hijacking our network for 10 minutes to give us a city council meeting (seriously??) I still managed to get a load of today’s episode.

I love Chelsea and Willow going at each other so much, I choose to call them Chillow. I do think acting wise, Rachel is carrying both of them but it’s always a pleasure to watch two people snipe at each other for no good reason except for jealousy and outright revenge.

Still hate Marlena but now she is taking a more active role in the Steve!Takedown. The thing that surprised me most was how wide opened her eyes were?

Oh, and I haven’t paid much attention to my search engine indexes but MaryPickford has made me curious, it seems a few hits have come here for people searching on deidre hall. Hmmmm, I doubt they are looking for what I have to say about her.


5 thoughts on “Continuing with the Marlena series

  1. My favorite line between Chillow was Willow saying “like you’re the boss of me!”. It just really highlighted how young these two are supposed to be.

    For some reason, I think Willow is about 21-22 (but I can’t figure out where I got that idea). Is she supposed to be Chelsea’s age?

  2. Somehow Willow almost comes across as younger but that may just be because I get this “nyah nyah nyah” feeling from the actress that portrays her. We know Chelsea is supposed to be 19 but they haven’t said officially Willow. Since Jed is in college now, presuming he is a freshman and the right age, Willow probably is 21-22.

    And this is mean but sometimes I could swear Willow is wearing braces. I have no idea why I have a problem saying that. I can make fun of her lips all day long.

  3. Maybe she’s wearing invisalign braces and that’s why she needs all the lip goo. Otherwise her lips would stick to the braces and she wouldn’t be able to talk.

  4. Oh, that would make sense. Seriously, when she was sparring with Chelsea the other day, she’d open her mouth so wide and I could have sworn I saw braces. I would have paused my Tivo and tried to see for sure but it’s Willow and I can’t justify spending that much time on her.

  5. I don’t like DH. I do love Chelsea. I wish she’d have smacked Willow or something. It was fun to watch them go at it but I wanted to smack Wilho myself for hurting Chelsea’s feelings about Bo and Hope. I think Wilho has underestimated Chelsea and she will regret it in the end.

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