Can the Lost writers lose their precious triangle?

Have I mentioned lately I hate triangles? Love story triangles? Yes, I do. I really do.

I thought Lost had made it clear that Kate chose who she wanted to be with. Sawyer. I like them better together. To be honest I’m not that much of a Kate fan but maybe since I see Sawyer as a 21st century version of Steve Johnson (without the patch), I would like him to get the girl.

However, if the show had let Kate choose Jack, I would have grumbled and bitched a bit, but been fine with the triangle being over. Because they are basically just raping Kate’s character with this back and forth nonsense. If she is going back for Jack because she wants to save her friend, fine, but if they keep this triangle alive simply to keep all the Jate fans happy, I’m going to be ticked.

The rest of the show was good. As cool as the Locke character is on the island, it’s like he’s so anti-cool back in RL. I honestly think that’s his problem with going back to civilization. It’s not because of his walking abilities but because he loses his edgy status. Ok, maybe not.

I probably will write more later when my head has time to gather it’s thoughts. Oh, and lastly, Benry? Creepy as ever.


3 thoughts on “Can the Lost writers lose their precious triangle?

  1. ITA on Kate! She needs to make up her mind (well, the writers need to make up their minds) and let her stick with one guy. Hopefully that guy will be Sawyer. I see no chemistry between Jack and tons of chemistry with Sawyer. 🙂

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