She can tell me everytime

What was my favorite part of today’s show? Why it was the S&K’s part of course. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me in the soap online world. What I loved though was hearing Kayla recapping her life without Steve and seeing Steve’s reaction listening to it.

One of my biggest gripes about the very rushed reunion for S&K was the fact that Steve really showed very little concern of how Kayla had dealt all these years without them. Ok, so they had this weird conversation in the hot tub glossing over what she did in that time but I can’t believe he paid that much attention to it. Even I had a hard time concentrating watching MB’s feet show up on SN’s chest like that.

After everything Kayla had been through in 16 years w/o Steve not to mention the torture of him going back and forth on her as Nick as well as him playing tonsil hockey with Billie “I have a thing for married men” Reed, I really expected to see Steve beating himself up over the whole situation and the way Kayla had suffered. I mean, let’s be honest, Steve usually was the hardest on himself and usually could beat himself up good. That is when Bo wasn’t around to help him of course. 😉 Yet we didn’t get that at all.

So the scene above obviously wasn’t the self-reflection moment I was looking for by a long shot but it’s a start. And though it might seem odd to some people, him telling Kayla she was “a real pain in the ass” was a nice moment as well. Steve was always sarcastic with jokes and usually he had to make a snarky comment to Kayla when she was proving him wrong.

I just hope when this is all over, we get some real defining moment where Steve reflects on how Kayla has suffered. Yea, I know, the poor guy was tortured for a long time and his brain “Dimera-ed” up. It’s still not an excuse to make Kayla cry. Seriously, she slept with Shane while he was dead. No excuse can make up for that.


16 thoughts on “She can tell me everytime

  1. The Shane thing was a really big problem for me. Actually the Steve being dead thing was a really big problem for me. And the Shane thing can be blamed on Steve being dead.

    It’s kind of hard to watch Kayla cry, especially if Steve caused it. And he doesn’t seem to care as much as he should. So he better care later. After his brainwashing gets cleaned out.

  2. ITA that the writers blew it when they didn’t have Steve talk about how sorry he was to treat Kayla during the Billie stuff. If they did, SN would have rocked in those scenes. But we got nothing. Heck, I would have been happy with a simple, “I’m so sorry that I hurt you the way I did, Baby. And with Billie of all people, what was I thinking?”. Yes, that would have made me happy.

    And I refuse to admit the Shane thing even happened. I still think it was all a dream (or a nightmare). 🙂

  3. Well, I can’t really remember Shane thing at all, except that it did happen. I really have a convenient episode of amnesia about it, because it was horrifying. What were they thinking??

    Maybe we will still get an appropriate conversation or two once Steve gets his brainwashing rinsed cleaned.

  4. Yea, I pretend the Shane thing didn’t happen. It was easier before they came back. Now it’s like we almost have to deal with it. I am glad the show did make it sound like Kayla never loved Shane and it was on the rebound from Steve’s death.

    I just want Steve to work really hard to make all this up to Kayla when it’s over.

  5. ITA. I want to see Stever work really hard to make it up to her too. Lots and lots of it.
    But considering how they handled the Lucas/Sami get together I’m preparing myself for disappointment. Of course, they could still fix that when/if Sami EVER tells the truth.

  6. LOL I knew who you meant.

    The Lucas/Sami reunion was rushed and disappointing too. I thought they would go where Lucas slowly realizes he wants to be with Sami but in the meantime shows jealousy whenever EJ was around (pre-rape of course). Then have Sami push him away while he worked for it too. I guess I like to see the guy do the chasing.

  7. I think I like to see that too. I’m trying to think of a couple where I liked the woman doing the chasing, the only one I can come up with is Steve and Kayla. But they kind of took turns.

    I want Lucas to have to admit all his crap, because he hasn’t exactly been Prince Charming through all this. I especially didn’t like the other day during the fitting when Chelsea said that it was Sami’s fault that Lucas left her at the altar last time. And Sami just accepts it. I missed the actual days that happened, but my impression was that Sami wasn’t actually the bad guy that time. I may be wrong though, there have been so many attempted weddings for her.

    Anyway, Lucas acts like he’s been Mr. Wonderful most of the time, and Sami should be grateful that he even deigns to give her the time of day. I want her to do the big reveal, tell Lucas that she kept it a secret because he always believes the worst of her and to have him admit it, accept it and tell her it’s okay.

    I spend way too much time thinking about these people.

  8. No, I agree with you (on Lucas). The thing is he has done some pretty crummy things too but it’s like that’s bee wiped away in his (and everyone else’s) memory and Sami is the default bad guy. As I said in my earlier post on them, Lucas treated her AWFUL in the summer and if he did are give her a compliment it would be insulting at the same time. “You did do the right thing, Sami, it’s good to see you can tell the difference between what is right or wrong.” And it wasn’t playful either. It was mean. I think Sami deserves better than that. Luckily Lucas is starting to make up for it a good deal.

    As for liking couples where the woman does most of the chasing, I love S&K, but my favorite parts are where he is chasing her, or more importantly, when he doesn’t know he is chasing her. 🙂

  9. What bugs the most for me is the fact that the show really does skim over some really important conversations that we should be privy to. Lately they’ve just been in such a holding pattern:

    K: I love you no matter what, you’re sick, yada yada…
    S: I’m no good for you, yada yada….

    Having said that, I’d rather see THAT S & K scenario played out over and over again than watch one millisecond of Shawn and Belle. Ever again. And because I feel this way? Watch me get assigned to one of them at Martha’s MS event. I was SO HOPING for James Scott…but it’s not to be. I digress….back on topic!

    Plus scenes are so short now that even if they DID touch on some of the things they should, would they be able to do them justice in 4 or 5 minutes? Probably not. Can you imagine the conversation we’d have had between S & K 16 years ago when the affair with He Who Must Not Be Named came to light, as opposed to the conversation we’ll have now (should this come to pass)? We’re so cheated – just like with Chelsea and Nick. They didn’t even have ONE day of happiness before Billiegate was revealed.


    Rant over. On a more positive note, what Stephen and Mary Beth CAN do with the time they’re given is simply amazing. We never have to wonder what they feel because if they can’t pull it from the words in the script, they find it in their hearts and then communicate it to us with their body language. It’s sheer poetry.

    I love this blog.

  10. Heh, I love this blog too.

    I agree that most of the time I would prefer the most mundane conversation between S&K than anything with Shelle.

    I really think with Chick there were so many opportunities to linger and stay for awhile. Even when she was mad at him for Lonely Splicer, I thought we would get a week of her watching him work, making him jealous with Dr. Pervert but still seeing him in his element and being impressed in spite of her feelings for him before Dr. Pervert was revealed to be a jerk. Now we are in a place where I’d like to see us get past fairly quickly (at least make some progress) but watch us remain here for a long time. Figures

  11. I love this blog too. 🙂

    Kayla’s loss wasn’t just glossed over by Steve in the reunion scenes. The one that really sticks out with me is the night that Steve left their hotel room after choking Kayla. When Kayla’s telling him about the masks she wore during the day and the shroud she wore at night because her soul was buried with him, it was heartbreaking. And Steve’s response was “Iim sorry you’ll have to be along again.” WTF?? That’s it? I still think there should/could have been much more reaction to that without changing the fact that he does leave.

    If I could rewrite everything, I’d have that mask/shroud speech be the one she gave to Dr. Kraft that Steve overheard. I think the leaving scene could have been played out without that piece of dialogue and I think that piece of dialogue would have been more powerful if used as Steve’s proverbial wake-up call.

    In any case, all of this is a long way of saying that I agree and would love to see that aspect addressed by Steve when his immediate issues are resolved. I also heartily agree that SN and MBE can do more with less than anybody. They speak volumes with a look and a touch — something that BB and MM could really learn from.

  12. Awww, it means a lot to me you come here ESP. 🙂

    ITA on the scene where Kayla basically gets everything and the kitchen sink off her chest and all Steve can say to it is what you said above.

    I do love S&K but since the whole history is practically sitting on my computer in WMV form, I’m a little anxious to see Steve chase her now. Since he’s arrived from the dead, it’s been Kayla who has been pushing and pulling on Steve for their relationship and I’m ready to see him do some of the work now.

    So I want to see Steve realize that whatever he is going through now needs to get fixed. I want the inner Steve to start fighting against the brainwashed Steve. And I’d love for Kayla to take a new approach to this by saying, “Tell Stephanie what you want, as of now, I’m tired of running into a brick wall with you. I’m going to go after EJ now and if you want to stop me, you are going to have to get better and released from here to do it.”

  13. Have you seen Friday’s show yet Tripp? Because I think the end of the S&K scenes on that show are kind of a short, mostly unspoken way of saying exactly what you want Kayla to say above. It’s certainly much more implied than express, but it’s exactly what I got out of the scene. I’ll leave it at that in case you haven’t seen it yet.

  14. I’m glad you caught the same message I did. It took a whole lot longer than I would have liked (and than it should have) but I think we finally reached a turning point in the story. Now if Hogan can just kick it in gear and remember the May is a SWEEPS month, not June — we might actually make some progress on ratings front.

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