Should Survivor remain on the air?

I have to admit, last season with it’s controversial racial themes and boring episodes led into one of the best Survivors of all. Yul and his “little tribe that could” became the biggest underdogs and for the for first time ever…the final four consisted of people I really really liked.

Which makes this season all the harder. Now that Anthony was voted off, the only people I like that are left are Michelle, Yau man and Earl. I might like Alex but the boat is still out on him (and paddling quickly away). I loathe Rocky. He fits into the same category as Shane. He might not be totally crazy but he certainly reminds me of him. However, I think I hate Lisi the most. My only joy is when she winds up at Ravu, she and Rocky will wind up killing each other.

More good news is now that I think the more likeable people are at Resort Moto, I don’t have to root for Ravu in anyway and let Moto get all the rewards and immunities.  I am curious to know how far they can go with the rewards on that tribe.  Could an air conditioner be next?


2 thoughts on “Should Survivor remain on the air?

  1. I have to admit, I used to be a huge fan of the show – it bordered on obsessive. I watch, then rewatch the show, then the morning after it aired, I would check out the website for updates.

    After last season, I just got tired of all the backstabbing and lying. I wouldn’t mind tuning in to watch the challenges, those were always fun, but half the time I forget that it’s on. So Survivor has definitely ru it’s course for me.

    Now if only I could get Shannon hooked on American Idol. 🙂

  2. No American Idol for me. I feel like since the whole country watches it, I should be the one original person not to. 🙂 Plus it does come on opposite NCIS which I love.

    I was a huge fan forever. My friends and I would get together every week to watch it and have dinner before. It was a lot of fun. However, after 10+ seasons doing that, this year we finally decided to retire the parties. I miss them but not the show so much.

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