Blog Change

Trying to customize my blog to fit into the TV theme. I think I like it. Ok, I’m fairly sure I like it. I keep coming back to it without making a real committment, sort of the way I feel about Without a Trace. Anyone hate the new look?

I have company this weekend so I’m not sure I’m going to have time to talk about any of today’s DAYS episode. I am super excited in seeing Nick talk back to EJ (according to TWoP) so we will see if that lives up to my imagination. Why couldn’t Chelsea have seen that?


4 thoughts on “Blog Change

  1. Hi Tripp! Did you get a chance to watch Nick and EJ? I loved it. I loved how Nick was almost amused by EJ, and saw right through him and made fun of him. Go Nick. (Too bad Chelsea didn’t see it.)

    I like your new look!

  2. (Too bad Chelsea didn’t see it.)

    I KNOW!!!! Ugh. Though I suppose she wouldn’t have appreciated it because EJ just gives her the creeps. She had already experienced EJ doing the same thing to her when Sami went to the bathroom but the audience is the only one that knows how delightful Nick was to catch on to exactly what EJ was doing (without knowing he is the evil mercenary that he is).

    I loved the S/K stuff too (especially that end part) but I still think my favorite part of the episode is the Nick/EJ smackdown.

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