Spoilers: my curse and my blessing

Don’t worry, I’m not going to share any specific spoilers here, I’m just going to talk about being spoiled on any show in general.

I am a total spoiler whore (I wonder if I can make a schematic on that?) It doesn’t matter the TV show, I will read anything about upcoming episodes or news on anything I watch or read. Sometimes it works in my favor. For example, since Days airs everyday I enjoy knowing what’s coming in 2-3 weeks in advance. However, I have found that knowing the play by play of the scenes, such as prevuse, really ruins the episode for me unless it’s Chick related as I can’t get enough of Nick lately. (Seriously there is a serious drought on Chick spoilers which concerns me. I’m not sure I know where they are going with this storyline. I hate being in the dark).

Then there is Lost. I should stop reading spoilers on this show. They depress me. The show is seriously experiencing a bad case of cast bloat reading spoilers on new characters or spoilers that make the show even more Jack-centered (don’t get me wrong I like Jack up to a point but for a character who was originally supposed to be killed off in the pilot I grow tired of how everything nearly ties back to him.) I get irritable. I need to just turn off my TWoP subscription for the spoiler with speculation thread and be done with it.

So why can’t I? Is it a unconscious need that I must know exactly what is going to happen in the future? That I’m the type of person who, if walking by a package marked Tripp’s birthday present for 2007don’t open! I still would take a peek if I could get away with it? What is wrong with me? Why do I do this to myself? And my last question which is the most important, am I the only one?


14 thoughts on “Spoilers: my curse and my blessing

  1. No Tripp, you’re not the only one. I don’t watch much “regular” TV anymore, but I’m a total Days spoiler junkie. It probably does lessen the impact of the story in some ways, but since spoilers and even Prevuze leave so much out, I still feel that I get most of the emotional impact from watching the show. This is particularly true with regards to S&K because I am generally just as interested in seeing how SN and MBE play a particular scene as I am in what actually happens (plot wise) in the scene.

    Besides, half of my fun is reading spoilers and trying to figure out what they really mean. Sometimes the speculation can get out of control, but most of the time it’s just a fun, semi-intellectual exercise. And since most of the spoilers that I really pay attention to involve S&K, the rest of the show is still mostly a surprise to me.

  2. Good to know, ESP, thanks for the comment. I think on Days I will always be a spoiler whore just because it’s difficult for the show to really surprise me anyway. You are right in that even knowing word for word what they are going to say, talented performers like SN and MB will put their own spin on it and it comes across very differently. Actually AS a few weeks ago read her scenes with Lucas MUCH differently than the way I took prevuse to mean. I am astounded people use that site for their only means of watching the show. It would be like using TWoP recaplets to get an idea of any TV and as much as I love that site it would most definitely fall flat.

    Now on Lost, ugh, I really need to quit reading. The episodes are geared to shock you and I have found I enjoy the episode much better if I have no idea what is coming. Sometimes I can still guess for myself (like this week’s episode) but other times my mouth drops open and I’m in awe as I never saw it coming.

  3. You are definitely not the only one (as you can probably tell by the name of my blog). I love spoilers for almost anything I like to watch on TV. I wouldn’t take a peek at a birthday or Christmas present, though.

    I like imagining how it’s going to turn out. Sometimes I’m disappointed, but usually it’s better than I imagined. If the spoiler is for something bad happening, then I’m not surprised (or horridly upset by it). So bring on the spoilers.

    And I wish there were more spoilers for Chick, but I suspect that may be because they aren’t nearly as important to TPTB as they are to me. And they don’t seem to be as popular with other viewers as I think they should be, so no video clips, no fanfic.

  4. Oh, I guess I’ll be the “spoiler-free” spokesperson here! I started reading Days spoilers during the whole Billie triangle and the spoilers seemed to be on-purpose inflammatory. So I would get all worried about something and then when it happened, it wasn’t so bad. So it was a lot of extra angst for no reason.

    That was a special case, but I’ve found with Days that the storylines that I’m not as interested in (and when the actors are not SN/MBE caliber) can get pretty boring if I know what’s going to happen. Also, I found that when I knew what was going to happen, it made me more interested in reading the next spoiler than in watching the show.

    That’s just me, though. Even though I called my blog “Spoiler-free Days” I’m actually not militant about it; I’ve been accidentally spoiled lots of times and as long as there are still SOME surprises for me I’m okay with it. I actually can enjoy a general spoiler like “Steve starts having flashback to being tortured” and speculate about it, like you guys have said you enoy.

  5. Ugh, Densie, I hate I have no idea where they are going with Chick. I mean, I have an idea up to a point. I really hate this “Blame Chelsea for the fire” storyline and I am sure it will be mercifully short. As for Chick clips, are you talking music videos, there is a website that has started cataloging their scenes they have together. They also have music videos.


  6. Oh, Mary, we posted at the same time!

    I’m glad to know you aren’t militant about the spoilers. Not because I want to spoil you but I do notice your blog’s name and I worry I might accidentally say something I shouldn’t. Especially since I do read (or more actually skim through) prevuse and with it being actually 2 episodes ahead for me (as I read it before I have seen today’s show) it gets confusing what has aired and what hasn’t.

    And you are right that if you know what will happen on the other storylines. And though I consider AS to be pretty talented, her storyline is really the most original at the moment and it’s easier to watch when I don’t know what will happen.

  7. It’s funny, actually. When I like something sometimes I get a little, er, obsessed with it. So when I started obsessing on Days last fall I would read everything I could get my hands on. Well, if you read everything you can find it’s pretty darn hard not to get totally spoiled, so there are no surprises at all.

    Anyway, all of this is a roundabout way of saying that’s why I started my blog—to have an outlet for my obsession that wouldn’t totally spoil me.

    But don’t worry, I’m not militant about it. I’ve given up on avoiding casting spoilers, though I don’t talk about them in my blog in case there are true purists reading it. And, for the same reason, if someone accidentally referred to spoiler in a comment, I would just edit it out with no hard feelings.

    Not that you needed to know all that! 🙂

  8. I was looking for Chick clips like CanuckDays does for Lumi and S&K, so far not much luck.

    I agree with Mary about spoilers for stories I’m not too interested in. Sometimes they just get my hopes up, then bleh. Like this Shelle-on-the-island story. It’s supposed to be romantic. But it’s mostly just dumb. And I want to smack them (after removing their hormones for their own good). The only redeeming value in that S/L is Claire, she’s cute.

  9. Whoops Mary, I meant to say with Sami’s storyline hers is the most UNORIGINAL and even a talented performers like Sami, EJ and Celeste and I can get bored pretty quick if I know what’s going to happen.

    And Densie, that Chick site has good clips which I appreciate because if this couple works out the way I hope, I would love to go back and look at their early scenes just like I do for S&K.

  10. Another problem with spoilers is that some of them are just plain wrong. Mostly, that’s a problem with GH. I don’t believe spoilers for that show most of the time anymore.
    The ones for Days are frequently very vague so that any number of scenarios could fit. Look at all the spoilers when the new writer starter, such as “Sami becomes a heroine”. I suppose that came true because Sami went over to EJ’s apartment and kissed him so that Kate and John could climb out a window, then got raped in exchange for EJ lifting a beam off of Lucas. Not exactly what I envisioned when I read that spoiler.

  11. Yup, spoilers are released intentionally vague and usually are meant to flare up our passions. The infamous one of Steve running to Billie for help after escaping the hospital certainly lit a firestorm of anger from the Sony and SKork board. The problem now is some fans insist they have turned off the TV when spoilers read bad and won’t watch the show.

    I remember the spoiler about Nick and Billie actually that first came out. It initially said that Nick would be found in Billie’s bed. I was really hoping that meant he got drunk or something and she let him sleep it off in her bed and Chelsea found him and misunderstood. Boy could I have been more wrong (especially when they didn’t even use the bed).

  12. Yep, another spoiler whore here, and for all forms of TV, though only when I have time. Which means that sometimes I’m completely spoiled, and other times I’m clueless. For primetime it’s easy for me to be spoiled living here in Aust because we get everything later, so I only need to open up TWoP to be spoiled, and am generally happy to be so.

    But I agree with densie about GH. That’s a dangerous spoiler path to go down without several grains of salt, and especially over the last couple of years where they seem to change their minds every two weeks (though I think that’s improved over the last six months or so) or cut scenes.

    Though, while I’m a general spoiler addict, I usually don’t watch the previews because they’re usually so much more misleading.

  13. I forget you are in Australia, Zara.

    And I totally spoil myself with TWoP on other shows. If I had yet to watch Survivor or Rome, for example, I still read the recaplets to see what happened. Those shows it doesn’t bother me that much.

    I have not seen GH in ages. From what I have read I probably don’t want to. I honestly am glad I didn’t hear about Fiona Hughes return to GH since she got very little airtime. I would have tuned in for her but then never have seen her.

  14. Yes, you would have missed out on Finola, she was barely around (and Anna is one of my favourite all-time characters). GH is frustrating to me more than anything else, because it remains half a step and one new headwriter away from being truly great again. The lack of use of returning vets aside, I still think it has possibly the best cast in daytime – alongside Y&R – it’s a case of so close, yet so far. Days is definitely much better at treating its vets.

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