Here’s my problem…

I do love Chelsea. And if this “blame Chelsea for the fire” storyline will help redeem Nick in her eyes, I’m all for it. I also am all for Bo to learn to be a better father around her. However, I just hate “But I’m Innocent” storylines. It’s one thing if the audience didn’t know that Chelsea was innocent, one of those “Who’s the murderer” plots can sometimes be fun (especially now that it looks like they are heading that way with EJ, anvils anyone?) but I grow tired of watching contrived events that are sloppily put together just to serve a secondary purpose.

The Scene: If Chelsea had lied about being at Bo and Hope’s house I could maybe then see the point of Bo suspecting her of fire. But she told Bo she was coming over! Bo called Hope, who by the way marched upstairs after turning all the lights off in the house. No one answered Chelsea’s knock (which Hope can confirm she never heard, hell, she didn’t even hear Willow clunking around in the house with those leftover hooker shoes) so she wrote a note and left. Because no evidence of a note was found, it makes them suspect her story. WHY? Fireman came to the house to put out that “fire”. (I use that term loosely, mainly they lose their window treatments. Yet everyone insists Hope and Ciara nearly died.) I imagine they inspected the house as well as worked on the fire to make sure it was all safe. Then with Bo and Hope marching around along with Billie busting her way in all with her “I SLEPT WITH NICK” confessions. So why is it unreasonable that a slip of paper could get lost in that house? We know Willow removed it (I think, I was mesmorized by her giant candle) but I can’t get over that Roman is like “AHA!” with the missing note. Man, he’s such an ass.

The Evidence: In this case, the BRUSH!! This is so funny to me. Could the writers not come up with a better piece of evidence of Chelsea’s to have left behind? She could have dropped her keys, her wallet, anything in that bathroom. Maybe some matches or a lighter. Who takes a brush inside a person’s house that they are going to rob/torch? Oh, and speaking of the robbery…

The Robbery: What kills me is as stupid as them saying Chelsea was upset with her Mom and Nick so she torched her Dad’s house, the lack of motive for Chelsea robbing them is even worse. Are they saying Chelsea was trying to leave town so she needed money so she was going to pawn Hope’s jewelry? And Bo told Chelsea Hope would be at the house so why break in and take her jewelry when she could easily get caught and they would instantly know she was just there?

I’m just frustrated by this storyline because it’s so lame it’s driving me nuts. Yes, more nuts than Shelle. It’s obvious it’s use is for Chelsea and Billie (how high were those heels today? She looked like she had grown 2 feet overnight) to make up over the Nick fiasco. Can we not have Chelsea simply live with Sami for awhile and just ignore her Mom? I’m much more interested in seeing her with Nick now and I would think she’d have been back at work already.

Ugh, I miss the Snark. Is TWoP back up yet?


8 thoughts on “Here’s my problem…

  1. Speculation ahead!

    I’m hoping that this will be Bo’s opportunity to be redeemed as Chelsea’s dad. He’s pretty good in scenes with her. He can be wrong, discover that he’s wrong and actually apologize.

    Pyro found Chelsea’s brush in the ladies room at the restaurant that night before the fire. Chelsea cried all over Abby, Abby said something like ‘let’s clean you up’ and presumbly brushed her hair. Apparently the brush got left there. Pyro snagged it, probably planning ahead, and then left it as evidence at the scene. She also picked up Chelsea’s letter on her way out the door.

    I’m thinking that Chelsea is going to ask Nick to say the hairs in the brush are not hers when he does the DNA analysis on it. That way he can be the one to save her. She can forgive him. But we all know what an honest guy he is (except for when he’s not), so he will have an ethical dilemma.

    I think that was what the big pronouncement about DNA not being able to lie was foreshadowing today. Of course, they made it look like it was about Sami’s problem too, so who knows.

  2. Oh, and I forgot, my husband couldn’t stop commenting on how stupid it would be for Chelsea to decide to rob and torch a house, but stop to brush her hair on the way out. So why would anyone think it was hers? Well, except for the Salem Keystone Kops.

    It’s dumb. But hopefully it is only a plot device to redeem Billie and Nick in Chelsea’s eyes. And maybe Bo as well. Also I wonder if it isn’t supposed to be a way to redeem Chelsea in the eyes of those viewers who think she needs to be punished some more for her previous misdeeds (which I mostly missed and don’t really care about anyway).

  3. Your husband is right. It is stupid about the brush and I had said the same on TWoP in effect that Chelsea is like “Burn baby BURN! Oh, the heat is making my hair fall. I should touch it up before I leave.”

    I just find redeeming both Billie and Nick so quickly seems that the secret reveal was pointless. So I have a feeling now that since Billie is the one with Chelsea through this so far, Nick is probably not going to do what he needs to help Chelsea. Not that he needs to lie. If that is the case, I hope Nick has the balls like he did with EJ the other day and make good points to Chelsea that lying about the hairs on the brush isn’t the way to keep her from saving face through this.

    Interesting that Jed confirmed that Willow was with him? No scenes of Willow asking him to do it? No scenes of him remembering Chelsea was with him during the fire. Thank God for small favors.

  4. Isn’t Jed outta here? I think I read that somewhere. Or I dreamed it and it was such a wonderful idea that my brain latched onto it and tried to make it reality.

    But why didn’t Chelsea wonder how Jed was able to provide an alibi for Pyro when he was busy breaking into Max’s garage in order to give Chelsea a place to sleep.

    And for that matter, why doesn’t Bo look at the call records for Chelsea’s phone (when she was talking to him) and compare those to the time of Hope’s call to 911. How could Chelsea have been talking to Bo while she was ransacking the house for Hope’s jewelry and setting fire to the house?


  5. Jed is out but I’m surprised it was that fast. Man, I hate to wish any actor fired but he needed to be gone.

    I guess they were going with a bigger storyline with Jed about being conflicted down the road but decided to fire the actor instead and wrap up the storyline. If Jed is out, there is no point for Chelsea to wonder about where he was that night.

    But it does remind me….I meant to so say this in this blog. Chelsea nad Hope’s talk today was nice to watch but wasn’t it funny how Hope was simply just telling Chelsea a fact, Chelsea would say how the fact could be misused and Hope would go, “Yea, that’s right!”

    Hope: Jed confirmed Willow’s alibi.
    Chelsea: But he’s her brother. And he has reason to be there for her because she is paying his bills.
    Hope (realization): SHE IS PAYING HIS BILLS? THAT’S RIGHT!

    They did 2 or 3 times and I just giggled through it all. I wish TWoP were up so I could post about that.

    And total point on the call records.

  6. Even if Jed (the actor) is fired, why isn’t Chelsea demanding that they question him (offscreen) as he could provide her with an alibi of sorts. Especially since it means he couldn’t have been with Pyro. And then combine Jed’s alibi placing Chelsea at Max’s garage at the time of the fire with the cell phone call with Bo. They wouldn’t actually need the actor. Just talk about it.

    He did have pretty hair though.

  7. I guess because a timeline hasn’t been actually said outloud of when the fire happened? Though you would think she would ask.

    His hair was beautiful.

  8. Hmm, that’s right. This is Days time. It’s very bendy and stretchy. So who knows who was where when? I guess I can’t be holding onto any timeline. But I can always hope that they will get the space/time continuum under control in Salem and it will make sense.

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