Criminal Intent Complaint

Ok, so I love me some Law and Order CI. And when I heard 2 seasons ago that the awesome Chris Noth was joining the cast as Logan, I was THRILLED. And excited.

Now that excitment went away after Loth’s first season on the show last year. I understand the reason for him being brought in was to give Vincent D’Onofrio (Goren) a break on the show as he was collapsing on set, but they basically have created two sets of detectives with Goren and Alex alternating with Logan and his partner. I have no problem with that except I was hoping that for one or two cases a year we could have Logan and Goren to work together. Without seeing any interaction between these two very strong personality-driven men, it just feels like Noth started his own separate L&O spin off.

Or how about some background shots?  Even with alternating the cast like this, we would still see the other pair in the background at their desks actively working on their own cases, right? How hard would that be? While Logan and Wheeler are updating the Captian, we happen to see Goren in the background on the phone working. Or maybe while Alex is making sarcastic comebacks to Goren’s pseudo analyziations, we see Logan getting some coffee. How hard would that be?

Seriously it feels like two different shows. Now that they replaced the Captain and the DA (is she coming back by the way? Why couldn’t they have grabbed Alexandra since Convictions was cancelled?)


2 thoughts on “Criminal Intent Complaint

  1. I agree. Don’t you think the quality of the program has gone down. There are so many repeats on NBC that it’s like watching USA or BRAVO. I’ve become very disinterested in the show now.

  2. I definitely notice the quality decrease. One problem is the L&O universe they are ripping off headlines so much that all the L&O shows rotate the same storylines. And with the given “twist” they each have, it becomes easy to spot how it will end.

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