Oh, TWoP where are you?

Ugh, TWoP is still down.  It’s driving me nuts.   No TWoP on the Internet is like going to the store without your shoes on.  Something is missing and it don’t feel right.  🙂

So Days today bored me a bit.  I want to like Darrin who plays Max on DOOL so I was hoping his scenes with MB would brighten his character.  He is a bit livilier but his acting skills are really limited.  It’s not that noticable with Mimi or Abby but when you get him opposite Mary Beth and you can’t ignore it.  That said, I did think MB was cute delivering her lines while teasing him about Abby.  I really wish that gone for Mabby for Max to see Abby slowly as more than a friend.

Steve was hilarious in the hospital today.  However, I’m not sure on his motivation.  Could someone explain to me why he now wants to be with Kayla?  Is it to protect her?  To keep her away from EJ?  I know that he was touched by her words to the very awesome Dr.  Kraft but I’m not liking this back and forth with him. That said, I am grateful we are getting a little look into his goals.  His lines about going to see Sweetness remind me of watching Steve in the old days.  I hope they keep that up.

Ok, since when are islands ran by sheriffs?  Is this whole island American too?  WTH are they?  It’s driving me nuts.

9 thoughts on “Oh, TWoP where are you?

  1. I originally thought they were in the South Pacific somewhere relatively near Australia. But then they talked about the tsunami causing so many problems a couple of years ago which would put them in the Indian Ocean. Then a day or so after that she talked about ordering boat parts from Guam, which would put them back in the Pacific Ocean.

    The residents of the island make it look like they are on an island in the middle of Los Angeles.

    So I think they are lost in a space/time warp, or maybe a Wrinkle in Time. Or maybe they are on the other-other side of Craphole Island from the Others and the Lostaways on Lost.

    We’ve given up trying to make any sense of where they are. This is what we do know. They are probably not in Salem.

  2. Well, I guess this is the same universe where you can go from the middle of Canada to Australia via ship in less than 5 days. Thinking how long it took Chelsea and Nick to fly to Canada from Salem they would have gotten there much quicker if they had taken a cruise ship.

  3. LOL!
    I wondered about Chelsea and Nick’s really long flight to Canada, when Steve, Belle and Shawn drove there in just a short time. I think it took about the same amount of time to drive there as it did to fly, maybe even less. Which isn’t how it works in my universe, but the Salem Universe is a different dimension, where coffins can shoot through the ground, through hell and out into Melaswen, so who knows?

  4. Oh, and I agree.
    TWoP, where are you? I have an 18-20 page paper to write as well as a job to do and your absence is forcing me to actually consider working! It’s pretty difficult to procrastinate without you.

  5. Yea, I remember how long it took Steve and Kayla to fly to Cincy but when they decided to come back home seperately it was like MINUTES.

    I do miss TWoP. 😦

  6. I’m not having trouble with TWoP, or not much anyway. I use Firefox which seems relatively okay.

    I think the island is like Salem itself and just continually moving. I’m sure the two will collide sooner or later.

  7. They’ve had lots of problems, Zara. It’s more of the forums then the main site though that was down yesterday. It’s very frustrating when you are addicted to snark.

    oh, maybe the island is like the island in the original Doctor Doolittle movie where it floats all over the ocean. That would explain the different mix of cultures and references to “nearby islands” that really aren’t.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s confused on Steve’s motivation for his sudden change in behavior. I mean, I can fanwank it as a combination of his shame from hurting Kayla so much with his deception at the cabin, as well as hearing her plead his case to Dr. Kraft, and his desire to keep Stephanie from learning what’s going on. But, it was never really expressed on screen. As I said at TWoP, if you are going to take my heart out with a melonballer for three weeks, I need a little more payoff than just “I heard you tell the doctor you loved me and now I’m cured” (tongue-in-cheek, but still).

    As for Shelle, it’s amazing that they found an island where everybody speaks English and they have US laws in force, sort of. I mean, how lucky (or unlucky) can two people get?

  9. melonballer?

    I think Shelle are unlucky but Claire is fortunately lucky that fate is on her side to rescue her from these two.

    Oh, and anyone notice how far Claire leaned into Shawn when Belle first walked into the scene? She wanted her Daddy (and so not her mommy). Seriously, I have never seen a baby not like a person so much.

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