Oh for the love of… a Nikki and Paolo episode?

Were they serious? Last night was real? Oh, it was terrible. Not only must I be forced into a flashback episode of two people I hate, but see poisonous, paralyzing spiders walking on human skin gave me literal nightmares. NIGHTMARES.  I wished I had not watched it.  I’m serious.  I wish the Haitian from Heroes would come along and pick the memory of this episode from my brain.

Oh, and let’s still continue to beat on my favorite character of Sawyer who I thought was making some progress in his character growth. I guess not. Though I do think his constant “Who are you?” questions to the doomed duo was a tongue-in-cheek move by the writers voicing the audience.

Being buried alive was creepy but you know what? I’m happy they are gone. Ugh, I usually hate it when people won’t give new characters/actors a break on a new show. Nikki and Paolo are the exception.

6 thoughts on “Oh for the love of… a Nikki and Paolo episode?

  1. I have to admit I was like Sawyer, saying “Who’s Nikki?” but when they showed her sitting in front of all the TVs – then I was like, “oh, that’s who they are”.

    Hurley, as usual, cracks me up. I like his comment about the Expose show and how Mr. Shade (?) was the bad guy.

    I did enjoy the scene where Charlie confessed to Jin that he was the one who kidnapped her and dragged her into the jungle. I thought it was a sweet scene. Charlie is growing on me, after annoying me for so long.

    And yes, Sawyer, IMO can do no wrong. Probably because he reminds me of Steve from DOOL back in the 80’s. Tripp knows my obsession with him. I just love his humor on the show.

    It did freak me out when Nikki opened her eyes, right as Sawyer thru the dirt on her. I’m curious as to if we are going to see them again.

    Next week – girl fight! I’m putting my money on Kate as the winner. 🙂

  2. LOL; I’ve calmed down now since posting this.

    I just was irritated that this episode really didn’t advance the plot in any way. We might have gotten some character growth in regards to Sawyer (and I am relieved to see his secret of faking Sun’s kidnapping is out and behind him) but it’s not like anything shown in the episode helped the Lostaways out or gave the viewers any information we didn’t already know or cared about.

    And basically having N&P stumbling upon the secrets of the island before the other characters did was a clever way of reusing storylines and past revelations in a new episode.

  3. lol, I keep thinking her name is Jin, that must be her hubby. So do you think that they’ll show up again? I was trying to put my science cap on and think, ‘well, if it’s dry sand, it’s not too heavy, i think’. So maybe they can dig their way out.

    Honestly, I would like to see them show up again only to see the shocked faces of Sawyer, Hurley and the gang, but I don’t really see the purpose of them showing up again.

  4. Well, the question isn’t when they would show up again but when will the show decide to revisit this storyline? They are bad about going to other subplots leaving the other ones “suspended” while waiting for their turn. (Think Locke and his “dad” sitting there just staring at each and blinking while we dealt with the Nikki and Paolo escapade).

    I really don’t think it’s realistic for them to climb out even if they did “wake up” while being buried. Because it’s obvious they are just coming out of paralysis (otherwise they would have screamed). If it took even an hour for them to get full mobility, the sand would have suffocated them by now.

    ITA, I don’t see the purpose of them coming back either.

  5. I’m guessing Vincent dug Nikki up and she will be back (as supported by the actress’s page on IMDb which lists her as appearing in episodes 3.19 and 3.20). Methinks that girl is gonna cause some real trouble before she takes her final bow.

    As for what the episode gave us, I’d say we now know about the venom of the Medusa spider which will surely come back in a plot point and more importantly, we had Hurley finding the EXPOSE script.

    He reads the last page and says that LaShade is The Cobra, the villain whose identity was shrouded in mystery for 4 seasons. Could this be a hint that the mysterious Jacob’s true identity will be revealed at the end of the 4th season? Just sayin’…

  6. Interesting dirkmancuso. I knew them being dead and buried (literally) was too good to be true. I didn’t even think about Vincent digging them up. I love dogs, but that one has got to go!

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