“We know who has a sure spot in heaven”

Ok, so yesterday’s Max scenes made me long for the days when Max was played by that mute boy who could never remember to keep his tongue in his mouth. Today I liked him much better. I even cracked up on his line to Kayla when she paid the priest. It’s nice to see MB bringing the best out in other actors. I wish I had that same effect on my co-workers.

Chick was sad to watch but they still can bring on the angst. I’m sure Chelsea will get ripped by fans who think she was out of line today with Nick and she was. But then it’s within character for her isn’t it? Didn’t she manage to get off almost scott free after running Zack over while driving w/o a license because the evidence against her went missing? I think Kate was behind that but I’m sure Chelsea believes with Nick in the lab she can’t go wrong as long as he will just do it. Should he? No. I have a feeling he will though. However, he can’t be perfect either. And as my very wise friend said to me today, “I’d rather Nick give in to Chelsea rather than EJ.” That goes for you too, Steve.

Speaking of Steve, today’s episode was pretty much another light-hearted one except for him getting zapped. I recently watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and so I can’t help but see the rip-off, especially since Steve is so close to the Murphy character.

Shelle was difficult to watch today. After about 15 minutes I had to FF a little. I think I just got irritated that Belle refused to leave when Shawn wanted to even with the cops hot on the tail. Now that she thinks Gabby is after them, it’s perfectly fine for them to split the island.


8 thoughts on ““We know who has a sure spot in heaven”

  1. ITA about Chick. Having them on the same episode with Shelle just shows the absolute lack of anything with Shelle. And why are they trying to make Belle look like a 50 drab schoolmarm? Do they want us to not like them?

  2. Well, not to ever stick up for Belle but the wardrobe people are also responsible for Kayla’s get up which is very puritan like and proper. Hell, they have her in a nun’s outfit today.

  3. My theory is that they give a character bad hair of some kind when they don’t want us to be invested in a character. They don’t really need to be giving Belle bad hair because I’m already not invested in her, at all.

    The fact that I have time to examine the hair and clothing during Shelle scenes implies that they are so boring that my brain has to entertain itself with something.

    I thought Kayla made a cute nun. Especially when she was fiddling with the coif.

  4. Oh but you say that and then people are making fun of Chelsea’s hair! Especially since she lost her brush!

    If Shawn could just remain shirtless through their scenes that would give my mind something to occupy.

    Haven’t seen today’s episode yet. Can’t wait to see Sister Kayla!

  5. I don’t mean Chelsea’s hair! Yikes.
    Women get plain hairstyles, men usually get greased up, combed back hairstyles.
    Usually they pull the women’s hair back into a plain ponytail. Or they grease the guys hair up. Like when Lucky was sleeping with Maxie. He had bad hair, then when they wanted us to like him again, he got a decent hairstyle.

  6. What’s really funny is that my hairstylist never noticed it either. And she claims to really pay attention to hairstyles. She loves GH.
    Remember those times when they wanted to break up Steve and Kayla for whatever reason? They always brushed his hair back, and put some kind of greasy or stringy product on it.
    On women they usually give them a scraped back ponytail. If their hair’s too short they have to resort to other measures. When they wanted to break up Shawn and Mimi they started in on her hair. In fact, that’s how I knew the end was near.
    Then when they want you to like them again, the actors get soft, fluffy hair, or trendy hair.

  7. Maybe TPTB don’t want them spending as much time on their hair? In other words, when characters are going through low points in their story lines, it’s just better to use those resources when the story is on the upswing?

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