Cutest nun ever

Seriously, could Kayla be any cuter?


I have this image of her being Sister Mary Margaretta in Sound of Music. (Which, wasn’t that Lila Quartermaine on GH?)

Anyway, from Max pulling out the flowers to Kayla saying she learned specific phrases in Italian made me crack up. The fact the actors didn’t take these scenes too seriously and played it for laughs is what the DHs SHOULD have done when Marlena and John met Stefano themselves. I laughed through K&Ms scene and I’m sure I was meant to. I bet if you asked Deidre Hall she would tell you her scene last fall was SERIOUS and would be shocked to know I cracked up through it.

*thanks to Sweetness Groupie for the photo

18 thoughts on “Cutest nun ever

  1. I loved the Kayla and Max scenes! Lately Max has been so boring it was nice to warm up to him a little. I think he just needs a stronger actress to play against, and he needs to tone down on some of his mannerisms (the little “O” face with the raised eyebrows, for instance).

    MBE has been getting some great stuff lately!

  2. That’s right, Zara. Makes me want to watch it. Her eyes give her away. *hums how do you solve a problem like Maria*

    Mary, Max has been SOOOO boring. I have said to many people I chatted personally that they need to desperately let that kid talk to someone other than his current love interest.

  3. MBE has been given some fantastic stuff lately and she’s knocking it out of the ballpark each day. She certainly deserves the chance after having to spend all of last summer and fall either repeating “Did you remember something?” or crying because NicknotSteve had ripped her heart out and stomped on it again. I flove MBE, but last fall was just hard to watch.

    Things got better after the reunion and I saw signs of the real Kayla coming out. But, she was still stuck playing a very passive/reactive role. It made sense, given that I think Kayla was walking on eggshells afraid Steve was going to disappear again, etc. But, from early February onwards, MBE’s been given outstanding stuff and has done a fantastic job with it. It’s great to see her play the full range of emotions and the comedic timing with DB was great.

    Okay, I’ll stop gushing now.

  4. Gush away! I always felt that MB was the underrated one whenever people talked about S&K. I’m so glad to see her getting great stuff lately it’s awesome. Even if you are those that believe Steve isn’t himself, fans should be enjoying watching Kayla’s performance as she is definitely Kayla.

    And watching her miserable since the summer was one of the biggest problems and her lack of screentime didn’t help. I still don’t understand why we were forced to see NickNotSteve and Billie make googooeyes at each other, we couldn’t have Kayla be doing her own thing. Her moving back to Salem should have given her ample stuff to do but they missed the boat on that one.

  5. I think MBE was often underrated in the old S&K days because Steve was such a larger then life character. SN always played him so physical with big movements and unrestrained emotions. Kayla was much quieter (physically speaking) and her part was often to react to whatever Steve was doing. She conveyed so much in her eyes and facial expressions and more than held her own, but it was a much more subtle role. It’s not a criticism, because it was a wonderful dance that they did. It’s just that I think it was natural for people to focus on Steve (and, consequently SN) because of the nature of the relationship between the characters.

    Now, I think MBE’s getting the opportunity to show Kayla’s strength and feistiness in a bigger, less restrained, manner. I love that Hogan’s writing Kayla so well these days.

    I totally agree that they missed the boat last fall. I’ve said it before elsewhere that I didn’t hate the NicknotSteve/Billie storyline because of the idea of matching NicknotSteve with someone else. What bothered me about it was the way Kayla was portrayed — or not portrayed — during it.

  6. I wasn’t dissing her or the fans for not noticing MB. I know SN, especially a character like Steve is going to be on the one that gets our attention. I just think since their return I had read a lot of posts saying how “I watched S/K in the day and SN is amazing!” without giving any real special kudos to MB. Not that the posters meant to do that it just made me a little sad for her. Does that make sense?

    I have to admit back in the 80s I would talk way more about SN than MB but then I saw her on GH as Katherine, a very different character. I completely respected her after that (remember SN didn’t go to GH until a year or two after MB) so it made me realize what a fabulous actor she really is, not that I didn’t believe that on Days but it was something I took very much for granted (as I was a cynical teenager after all).

  7. I knew you weren’t dissing MBE or the fans, Tripp. As I said, I think it was just a function of the characters they played and the nature of the love story.

    And I totally agree with you about feeling sad to see SN get all sorts of kudos and MBE kind of an afterthought. In part that’s because I always thought it was pretty equal partnership, but also because I am apparently one of the few that was a Kayla fan before I was a Steve fan. I started watching Days shortly after Kayla returned to the show and I just loved her. But, it took awhile to warm up to the scary guy who was following her everywhere. For whatever reason, I’ve always connected better with Kayla than with Steve. I love SN to death and am a S&K shipper forever, but if push comes to shove, Kayla is my favorite of the two. I think that’s why I really need to see Steve earn back Kayla’s trust again, rather than just have everything be hokey-dokey when the brainwashing storyline is wrapped up.

    Re: GH — I started watching it again pretty much only because MBE joined the show. I thought she was wonderful as Katherine and it always made me mad that they pretty much destroyed the character in the end. I was glad that they paired Stefan and Katherine together at first, but then they made Katherine too nice and trusting and took away her personality. I still believe that relationship could have worked if anybody had bothered to write it properly. Oh well, I guess I should let bygones be bygones.

    Lordy but I am wordy today . . .

  8. Oh, that’s interesting ESP (re: being a Kayla fan first). I tuned into the show at their first wedding so I never really saw the early stuff. I think everyone else I have talked to that watched them that early on ALWAYS said they loved Steve first, than Kalya later. (In fairness, they had already warmed up to Steve by the time MB came to the show). And I also want Steve to work in the current storyline so that we see he deserves Kayla. I wasn’t thrilled with the Marina storyline but at least he worked hard post Marina to get Kayla back.

    Re: GH; I was excited about the Stefan and Katherine pairing but ultimately disappointed. I think because, in horror, they seemed to “Kayla-fy” her character. I wasn’t watching the show daily at the time but my understanding of Katherine was she was not a character with the truest of intentions. We knew Stefan was a villian and though Katherine would never commit acts of outright violence or death, I always felt she would cheat and maybe even steal to get what she always wanted.

    Oh, man, what I had wanted to see with them was Katherine and Stefan making some sort of marriage of convenience storyline. (They were the rage in the 90s). Maybe Stefan needed heirs or something. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, Katherine would agree but secretly think she could “Seduce” the cold hearted Cassidine into tearing up the pre nup. (We knew Stefan could be passionate but he usually was so proper in business that it would be easy that Kat would be mistaken she could handle him). Naturally Stefan would be figure this out on Katherine but be amused enough to let her try. Then they both wind up falling for each other and we’d get lots of great sex scenes.

    Um, not that I have given them really much thought or anything.

  9. LOL, I can tell you’ve barely thought about alternative Katherine and Stefan stories.

    I love your idea though. Mine is somewhat similar, I guess. I always thought that given Katherine’s ability to manipulate and willingness to get down and dirty, she could have made a great partner for Stefan in all his dark glory. Instead of Kayla-fying her, they should have exploited her bad side more. They could have been excellent partners in crime with Katherine perhaps providing just a touch of conscience.

    In my fantasy world, they would have hooked up initially as adversaries when Stefan tried to take over Deception or something. The sparks would fly like crazy and we might even get some meaningless but very hot desk!sex. Then as they tried to outmaneuver eachother, it would evolve from into something more. Eventually, they’d have fallen for each other, and schemed together to torment the good people of Port Charles. Or something like that.

    Not that I’ve given it any thought either.

  10. Exactly ESP! I too wanted to see them as a couple from the dark side. How cool would that have been in contrast to Steve and Kayla! And your Katherine ultimately giving into conscience would keep them from going too far!

    And one thing I will be always grateful for with Stefan and Katherine was we got that one up against the wall sex scene. It wasn’t angry!sex but I always wanted a scene like that for Steve/Kayla which I think they never could ever due (consequences of her post rape IMO).

    I guess Stefan/Katherine is something that led to me being turned off of GH as a whole. As MB said, it depended who was head writer for the show in regards to how her scenes with Stefan would play out. Later SN said that he thought it a big mistake to try to recapture the magic from when they were on Days. I agree it was a mistake trying to make it the way they went about it but yours (and my) scenario would have given way to another chance at them being a supercouple on another soap.

    Not quite OT: Did you ever hear that while Stefan and Katherine while filming a love scene they broke the bed on the set ? I would love to see that blooper!

  11. See, now you two have me wishing for 90s GH (something I do on a regular basis) and 80s Days, at the same time.

    Katherine and Stefan were missed opportunities, but then again, Katherine went through so many men, and in the end, although it was hated by some others, I always preferred Stefan with Laura. But whatever happened I was always wowed by both SN and MBE on GH because together or apart, as you said, their characters were so flat out different to S&K that I completely forgot it was the same actors.

    And when you threw in the fact that they were also working with that whole bunch of people who all worked on mid-late 80s Days and then went, or went back to, GH in the 90s – Jane Eliot, Wally Kurth, Genie Francis – it was really quite remarkable because it should have seemed like a rehash reunion of some kind, and yet it never did.

  12. Ha! tripp I guess our comments overlapped. I should say it never really seemed like a rehash most of the time, not until they threw them at each other and wrote them all over the place as you mentioned, but even then it didn’t bother me so much because the characters were separately established. I could see what they were trying to do, and it wasn’t working, and so after a while they moved on.

  13. Oh right Zara! It’s funny to watch GH in the 90s and see all the Days cast from the 80s.

    I did sort of like Laura with Stefan because well, I missed out on the whole Luke/Laura thing. I was curious when they returned to GH in the 90s but didn’t Genie Francis leave rather quickly? (Sort of like KA’s return with PR in 1990?) I can’t really remember.

    I’m surprised to find that even though Stefan/Katherine didn’t really last on GH, they have a whole gang of supporters whom I found when researching their current return to Days this summer. They call themselves The Crystal Trees and are a great bunch of people. (I do hesitate to complain on my disappointment on the Stefan/Katherine storyline though as I think a darker relationship between them should have been explored).

    Ugh, seriously why can’t I get a Head Writer power where I can command or redo scenarios on soaps to my liking? I could then wind up joining the cast of Heroes and put my powers to good (such as removing the horrid Shane/Kayla storyline from Days’ canon).

  14. Those would be some powers, indeed.

    And no, Genie stayed on GH all through the 90s after the Luke/Laura return of 1993, until she got dumped/quit in 2002 and then came back briefly last November.

  15. Wow, I just have no memory of Genie through the 90s on GH. I remember her return but not much since then. When was she imprisioned and married to Stefan’s brother (Stravos?) I admit I wasn’t watching regularly then. When did Anna and Robert leave?

  16. Tripp – I did hear about the breaking the bed blooper. I can’t imagine the hysterics that MBE must have been in after that happened.

    I was a major fan of GH in the mid to late 90’s, in large part because of SN and MBE, but also because all of my favorite Days actors from the 80’s were there. I loved seeing Billy Warlock, Wally Kurth, Jane Elliot, Matt Ashford (although the writers screwed his character), and even Genie Francis (who I knew as Diana before I ever watched her as Laura).

    I was actually a fan of Stefan and Laura after they destroyed the Stefan and Katherine pairing. But since Luke and Laura were always endgame, it was hard to really root for that romance.

    I think the Kat/Stefan stuff was a bit of a rehash of S&K but only because they tried to make Katherine so nice and trusting in her relationship with Stefan. It made it seem like Stefan was this bad boy being softened by the good girl, which Katherine never really was before. Had they left them both darker and let the relationship grow there, I think it could have been fantastic.

    As it was, we at least got some fantastic love scenes from them. The wall!sex was smokin’ and there first love scenes at Serenity were amazing. Somebody needs to put those scenes on a DVD and send them to Hogan and Corday. Yowza.

  17. I think the Kat/Stefan stuff was a bit of a rehash of S&K but only because they tried to make Katherine so nice and trusting in her relationship with Stefan. It made it seem like Stefan was this bad boy being softened by the good girl, which Katherine never really was before. Had they left them both darker and let the relationship grow there, I think it could have been fantastic.

    That’s how I felt too! (As I said she was Kaylafied. LOL)

    Again, at least we got some great love scenes. I showed a love scene of theirs from youtube to a friend of mind I just got into Days (who is new to Soaps anyway) and she was SHOCKED at how racy it was!

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