What TV has taught me Lesson #1

So, this morning I was speaking to a fellow co-worker.  This lady told me that last night her tooth started to ache so badly she was forced to take as much ibuprofin that was in the house (some 1800 milligrams) as well as trying “old wives tales” methods such as salt water and such.  She managed to go to sleep without pain but this morning the toothache returned.  So she told me she took 3 aspirin.

Immediately, I told her it wasn’t good to mix ibuprofin and aspirin or to take them so close back to back.  She told me she had never heard that (she’s a good deal older than me) but I mentioned I heard it on TV.   So she asked me from where?

I then began to describe that Billie, Chelsea’s estranged slutty mother came home after being kidnapped by a brainwashed, one-eyed dude who got them into a minor car accident.  An incompetant shrink who was formerly possessed by the devil took her to the hospital to be checked out and everything was fine, but they gave her some simple over the counter drugs for the pain and sent her home.  Once home, Chelsea, a self-absorbed brat but through the love of a geeky man is learning to think of others, put aside her own anger towards her mother for sleeping with said geek and asked her which medications she was given while at the hospital before giving her more.  Billie didn’t know.  Chelsea took that time to call the hospital to check so she could give her the same (and to leave her mom alone so she could easily spy into Chelsea’s diary.)

Needless to say my co-worker was unimpressed with my pharmaceutical research.  She did wind up going to the dentist today though for an emergency appointment and the dentist verified that you should not mix ibuprofen and aspirin.

So I give credit where credit is due.


17 thoughts on “What TV has taught me Lesson #1

  1. LOL!!!
    Excellent summary, though, I wish I could have been there. I would have listened to you. At least enough to get me to google it.

  2. Well, it did worry her though I’m not sure if was fear from mixing meds or from listening to me go and on about a soap opera. 😉

  3. Yeah, well, she just doesn’t know what she’s missing if she doesn’t watch Days. And it turns out your advice was correct, so there you go.

  4. BWAH!! That’s too funny Tripp. My only question is did you get through the whole story without cracking up? Because my one attempt at explaining Days to a friend of mine ended up with me in hysterics (mostly because of the craptastic mess that is Shelle).

  5. I got to the Marlena part and cracked up which was ok but she heard the phrase “possessed by the devil” and quit listening. Apparently she was under the assumption when I said I heard it on TV it I meant it was on the news or something.

    *Like I watch the news! How depressing!*

  6. News? I can’t remember the last time I watched the news. I find living in my own little make believe world much more peaceful and far more entertaining.

  7. Ok, I just hypocrited (not a word but doesn’t it sound like something Shawn would say?) myself because I watched the news all night. But that’s cause of storms. I hate storms.

    I live in my make believe world where I hang out while PR, SN and Blake Berris are giving me backrubs and MB is baking pies in the kitchen.


  8. What I’m most stunned to discover is that Days – or any soap up to and including General Hosptial – actually got such medical advice right. Because generally they’re so good at medical accuracy. Not.

    I don’t know if it was true or not, but I remember years ago reading in Soap Digest or some such venerable publication that a character on what I believe was One Life to Live once discovered a child was theirs because they both shared type G blood. Which I thought pretty much summed up soap medical accuracy, whether or not formally devil-possessed shrinks are involved.

  9. I know, the medical jargon has improved. Now what DOOL needs to work on is their forensic and investigational procedures. I know there are only 3 cops in this town, but Bo searching his daughter’s place for a crime at his house is over the top, even for this show.

  10. Don’t forget the time Roman order Bo to arrest Shawn for driving his motorcycle through the Church windows. You also shouldn’t forget Nick – the research tech, the medical lab tech, AND the forensics expert of Salem. I love this show.

  11. Now I did mention Nick via mentioning his relationship to Chelsea and Billie. LOL. Oh, and you forgot Nick is also a calculus tutor.

    I didn’t know Roman ordered Bo to arrest Shawn. When was that?

  12. It was after Belle’s wedding to Philip, when Shawn drove his motorcycle through the window to stop the wedding. It seemed that the DA and the Salem PD were taking their time in charging and arresting him. Kate wanted Shawn locked up so he wouldn’t interfere with Belle and Philip, so she bribed or blackmailed the judge to hurry things along and throw the book at Shawn, which she did. For some reason, Roman decided that Bo was the best choice to arrest Shawn. So Bo, all upset but being the dedicated cop he is, went and did the whole “you’re under arrest” stuff, in front of Hope – who I think was already pissed off at him for….something. I think this was during the time that he and Billie were searching for Georgia. Of course, she got even angrier at Bo for arresting their son, especially since she thought that he was right in driving through the church and almost killing several people because we was doing it for his true love, JUST LIKE when Bo stopped Hope’s wedding to Larry.

    That’s probably more than you wanted to know, but whenever I explain something in recent Day’s history, I’m amazed that I actually watched this stuff, so I keep going.

  13. Wow, thanks for the history lesson lascuba! I guess I see now a little of the resentment from Shawn to Bo. I wondered why he was being such as ass to Bo last summer. Now I see a little of the reason.

  14. Yes, though the way they conveniently forget and then remember Shawn’s vehicular rage issues is annoying. The boy should really be locked up.

    As for Nick the lab tech/forensics expert, it smells the same as GH’s venture into CSI territory with Steven Webber of a couple of years back. Suddenly a doctor is doing all this CSI work and doctoring at the same time (and then disappearing off the face of the earth with no explanation). You’d think that with all the crime that goes on in these towns they could just actually introduce an actual crime scene person as a new or recurring character. That would seem to make more sense to me.

  15. I guess we should just be happy that there are other lab techs shown in the background or for Nick to speak to. As for him being the “catch all” it doesn’t really bother me that much mainly because I’m a NCIS fan and there Abby is the only lab tech for the entire NCIS department.

    She does ballistics, DNA, prints, trace and computer forensics. One time they did add a co-worker to help with her load. He wound up being a psychopath who framed one of the investigators with a local murder.

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