UGH, TWoP is down AGAIN…

This is getting old. Don’t they know I have some important discussion of DOOL to speak of? I really try not to hate anyone, real or fictional, but I am failing miserably with that man.

Here is a snippet:

DIGEST: The show is in crisis mode. Does that alarm you?
CORDAY: Of course, it does! And it’s very easy to point the fingers the other way.
DIGEST: But you’re not.
CORDAY: Can’t. You have to look in the mirror.

DIGEST: Looking back, would you have made a different decision regarding Peter [Reckell, Bo], Kristian [Alfonso, Hope], Drake [Hogestyn, John], and Deidre’s [Hall, Marlena] airtime?
CORDAY: No, I wouldn’t have made a different decision because it was a conscious decision on all of our parts to shift story to Patch and Kayla for the six months. Now that story comes to an end, we realize Bo and Hope need to be at the front of the show again, as do John and Marlena. Yes, we’re fixing it, but I can’t second guess.

OMG!  Where to start?  I’m just going to let it go, for now. Your thoughts, please.

Who I loved today: Phillip and Kayla. Phillip so had the Salem brain. Loved him seeing through Willow’s story! And Kayla was great as always. Loved her lines “Steve was never…” and “Because I’m not you”.

Was it just me or did the Max visiting Nick thing come out of the blue? I know he and Chelsea went out and I do hope this is one of the things Corday isn’t pushing for to bring back, but Max has all but ignored Chelsea since dropping her. He comes back from NY and makes a beeline for Nick to talk about Chelsea? I would have thought he’d be gushing to someone about the time he spent with Abby?


9 thoughts on “UGH, TWoP is down AGAIN…

  1. You know, I really want to write Corday about his, but the letter I’m building in my mind is sprinkled liberally with words like, “moron,” “hack,” “poo,” “flinging,” “monkey,” “uncreative,” “jackass,” and so on.

    That man still does not get it. It won’t make a bit of difference who is given more screen time if the stories suck. This isn’t about Steve and Kayla for me, I love them, but they are not the reason I watch. I like their current story, but I still see a lot of problems with it, and everything up to this story was really bad, imo. But Corday doesn’t see that…all he sees is that S/K get a lot of time on screen and the ratings are going down, and that fan bases get incredibly obnoxious when they don’t get exactly what they want – that is what he’s basing his decisions on. I have no problem with B/H and J/M being front-burner and S/K in the shadows if the stories are good, but they won’t be. We’ll see the same things we’ve been seeing for the last several years.

  2. LOL; yea, from what I understand, Corday is someone who is very touchy anyway and if I were to compose a letter now, he would throw it away while labeling me “one of those crazies” (which I am but he doesn’t get to call me that!)

    I love S&K and though I don’t hate their storyline like some of their dedicated fans do, I see issues with it too. And given he points out their story line in this interview but does not point out Shelle, Willow, Sami and WTD, or EJ’s overexposure then I think he is really short-sighted.

    Another issue is with some of these outraged fans say at Sony who only watch the show for their favorites, will stick to prevuse until J&M or B&H return and obviously FF through scenes of other characters. No one JERk was on the show for so long with his separated story lines. People seem to prefer it that way.

  3. I’m still so pissed I can’t hardly see straight. I’m objective enough to know that there are/were problems with the S&K storyline (although I have loved most of it), but it’s ridiculous of Corday to throw S&K and Hogan under the bus. Anyone with half a brain would know that you can’t send two major couples into storyline Siberia and expect ratings to soar. But, of course, it’s not the man with less than half a brain who caused the problem, it’s S&K and Hogan.

    My other major problem is the one lascuba pointed out — it doesn’t matter who’s on the frontburner if the stories suck. And, if Corday wants to return us to the “Days we remember” they are going to suck. But, maybe I just need to accept that the majority of viewers really want sucky stories. Holy dillusionment Batman.

    On a much more shallow note, I actually liked Willow’s hair today. And Kayla needs to just smack Rotox across his immovable face.

  4. But, maybe I just need to accept that the majority of viewers really want sucky stories.

    I think this is the hardest pill for me to swallow. Fans would rather watch illogical and badly written scenes as long as their actors are in their scenes. I love SN and MB (among other people there) but I would rather they be put to backburner status, off somewhere and happy then be given ridiculous moments on screen such as the campy moment of Marlena running to the balcony and greeting John’s spirit.

    Hogan is the easy scapegoat for him. I’m really shocked he mentioned Steve and Kayla without mentioning any of the other storylines that were featured in that time. What about Shelle? What about WTD story? What about Sami lying yet again and covering her ass?

    And then you bring up Rotox. Words fail me at how much it hurts to see him acting as Kayla’s older brother. I hate to make fun of people’s appearance but he really did look like the guy from The Goonies today. I wondered to myself what his family must think of him?

  5. I pretty much have given up hope for anything on this show. I get my few moments of happiness from the few Chick scenes they have, the few scenes where Steve is actually Steve and love it when Kayla is acting like Kayla. So maybe 15 minutes every couple of episodes.

  6. TWoP, where are you? It’s days like today we need you most.

    I’m trying to work on my S&K Stockholm story analysis but I’m feeling too disheartened.

    Corday is like a race car driver careening all over the road. And his supposed “rules” he quotes: don’t kill children, don’t have island stories, don’t do mental institution stories. No, Corday, you don’t tell “kill children” stories and then make it all about some teenage girl faking emails to her father, you don’t tell mental institution stories where a major character sits in a room by himself, you don’t tell island stories where the “romantic” couple stranded there aren’t romantic with each other! It’s the execution, stupid! All of those stories could be better. Even Shelle.

    Regarding the cast: there’s such a thing as balance. There are four stories that have been heavily featured lately: S&K, Sami/Lucas/EJ, Chick, and Shelle. It seems like these stories are all on four days a week. I love S&K and Chick but being on four days a week is not necessary for any story unless it’s hitting a Big Moment. And NO stories are hitting big moments right now.

    I hate what he said about Hogan, that he “definitely” gave him a free hand and now he has to “reign him in.” I don’t believe it for one second.

  7. Don’t you know that Hogan is probably regretting coming to DOOL? This guy sounds just like the a-hole I work for, owner of the company who must be a part of every decision, no matter how minor, and he isn’t knowledgeable or competant (or actually sane) enough to handle the decisions. Anything fails he will point fingers faster than you can blink your eyes, even though it was on his specific (and usually insane) instructions on how the project plan was carried out. Though he’s capable of hiring actual talent, he doesn’t have the self-control to allow the people to do the jobs they were hired to do. I have never felt more sorry for the people at DOOL than I do now.

    And even if what Corday says is true, it’s really bad form to say what he has in the press. He should at least stand behind the show, faults and all. And catering to the crazy fanbases as you said on TWoP worries me too. This is such a shame.

    And Densie, I hate to tell you but the Chick scenes might not be so enjoyable if upcoming spoilers are true.

  8. Okay, so it’s a new day and I’m still pissed . . . possibly more than yesterday because I have definitive proof that Corday is a big, fat, pooh flinging monkey of a liar.

    In SOD’s 2007 preview issue, Corday (not Hogan, Corday) said that Hogan was putting the show in the hands of the three major supercouples. They would be seen as parents first, and then be part of a big umbrella storyline. He concluded by saying the first three months would be “must see” TV which certainly implied that the big umbrella storyline would be played out in those three months. Obviously, we got pretty much none of that.

    Now, if the plan was for the show to be put in the hands of the three major supercouples, then how was it also always the plan to give the story to S&K and send J&M and B&H into storyline Siberia? Also, if Hogan planned on turning the show over to those three couples, how is it also Hogan’s fault that his “new” stories that Kenny gave him “free rein” with didn’t include J&M and B&H.

    Simply put, either Kenny’s lying now or he was lying then. If he was lying then, he’s even stupider than I thought because nothing makes fans happier than being promised something and finding out later it was a big, fat lie. I’m confident he’s lying now and that it is HIS fault that the storylines promised didn’t happen. But, in true Kenny fashion, he’s throwing Hogan under the bus and adding S&K in there for good measure. GRRRRRRRRRR

  9. Oh, you are awesome ESP. You know, I have not gone to the Sony board as I’m sure they are having a field day with Corday (assuming they believe him at all) but given their resentment to Hogan, I think they are more than willing to blame him like Corday is doign now.

    I am not saying Hogan is the best soapwriter ever (he has many faults) but like I said, I’m so scared if he gets fired JERk will come back. Especially with Corday saying it will go back to what made Days great again.

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