As usual, reading prevuse for today’s Chick scenes didn’t do them justice in now way shape or form.

First, Willow and Chelsea’s duel in the police station.  (Don’t you love how cops will let random prisoners stand around unattended, verbally sparring with a fellow cop’s daughter in the middle of a police station?)  I didn’t know Chelsea well before my return to DOOL this summer but I’m really surprised at how the girl isn’t capable of fighting iwth words.  She can dish it out for sure, she’s always had a mouth on her.  But Willow either has to hit sore points like Nick or Bo and Chelsea winds up in a pool of tears.  I’m not complaining, in fact, I find it a refreshing change for a bad girl person like Cheslea to have thin skin and it might be a bit realistic too.

Then Nick comes in.  The good points?  I loved how she ran to him as soon as she realized he was there for her.  It’s obvious Chelsea realized what she asked of Nick was wrong and wasn’t really going to hold it against him.  Nick showing up at that moment while showing concern (and support) for her was perfect timing as well.  Nick naturally reminded her he beileved in her.  What I didn’t like was that I wished Nick had stood up a little bit to Willow for Chelsea.  Maybe he missed most of the previous conversation before coming in there, but he could have told Willow to at least shut up.  Also, when showing Chelsea the brush I do wish he wasn’t so giddy about it like he just swiped his parent’s bottle of Jack Daniels out of the house and they were going to party.  I guess by now he’s convinced he’s been her hero again and it’s a shame because I think he’s done more harm then good.

Next part, Chelsea and Nick making out in the first of the three rooms of Salem PD.   I wish the show would give us at least 5 seconds worth of kissing since they are the only couple getting to know each other in such a way.  There was also the look on Rachel Melvin’s face after Nick reminded her of his hookup with Billie.  It was perfect and I hope there are moments later on this show she gets to use that look again.  (Judging by recent storylines, I’m sure there will be.)  I don’t think Chelsea is past Nick sleeping with her mom, but only time will tell on that one.

Lastly, WTH did NIck fish the brush out of the garbage? I was hoping we’d get him speaking or thinking outloud that he intends to actually throw it off a bridge like he said as given it’s his career on the line now, he’d be more insistent on them tossing the thing in a place other than the Salem PD.

Overall, nice and cute scenes with them.  Both actors continue to astound me with their range.  They can pull off angsty, worried glances then straight to teasing, light-hearted looks.  It’s a nice change and I really hope with the turmoil that DOOL is under right now they touch the only good thing the show has in the younger generation.


4 thoughts on “Chick-ilicious

  1. Tripp, I loved Chick today! Compared to Shelle and Max and Abby (who I don’t think should even count as a real couple) they are on a completely different plane. They’ve got everything: two great actors, awesome chemistry, two well-rounded characters, redemption story, and they play off of each other so well. They each bring more to the scenes than the script calls for. I like them interacting with other characters, too, but every time they’re in a scene together the energy just leaps off the screen.

    Okay, done gushing.

  2. LOL; seriously I can’t think when I was so gushy about the “young couple” on a soap. I guess OLTL’s Joey and Kelly (when Joey was played by awesome Nathan Fillian).

    Now if TPTB don’t screw them up.

  3. Oh, add me to the Chick Adoration Society. It really is the actors about as much as anything. They have such good instincts about how to deliver lines, what facial expressions to use, and I haven’t seen such an effective use of the classic eyesnog since Steve and Kayla occularly ravished each other at the police station during Max’s heroism award ceremony.

    And is it my imagination, or are the directors lingering on their reaction shots a little more than they are for, say, Steve and Kayla? Because they do get to do lovely stuff with their eyes and ther expressions to reveal their emotions that the directors don’t seem to be allowing Steve in particular. Grrr.

  4. A lot of it is the actors, imagine Shelle in the same type situations. With all the turmoil going on at DOOL right now, I hope Chick’s future is thrown under the bus along with Hogan and S&K.

    I think we get the lingering shots of Steve and Kayla but not in the right places. For example, Steve in his comedic turn in the lounge in the mental ward was all about closeups. We just don’t get much of that when he’s in the same room with Kayla.

    Hopefully they will make up for that for this week’s scenes! 😀

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