My DOOL letter

Following in MaryPickford’s awesome steps, I composed a letter too. I posted it here in case helps anyone who is having trouble writing. I know its wordy, that is something I cannot help. Oh, and a thank you to ESP13 who reminded me of Corday’s earlier remarks in the fall about the veteran super story. I think it’s important to remind him of broken promises.

Dear Mr. Corday,

After reading your interview in the latest issue of SOD, I wanted to write to you. I am a 32-year-old fan who began watching DOOL when I was a teenager back in the 80s. This is the first ever letter I have written into a studio before.

From 1988 until 1992 I watched Days on a regular basis. I then shifted to watching on and off but was mostly disgusted by the Reilly stories like the devil possession or Jennifer floating above the casket at her funeral that I pretty much turned DOOL off for good. When I got my first TiVo a few years ago, I did give a thumbs up to DOOL out of nostalgic reasons and occasionally it would record an episode from time to time. Last spring it happened to catch an episode and I watched in horror as Bo & Hope were unrecognizable in their actions, Marlena was hypnotized (again!) by a man who was explained to be her first husband though he looked confusingly like another husband (of hers) and we had Sami & Lucas still panting for the attentions of Austin and Carrie.

Now it’s a year later and though the show is far from perfect, I find that much has improved considerably. I came back last summer with the return of Steve and Kayla, two excellent actors who have a huge following and been very popular on whatever soap they have graced with their presence. Though they weren’t featured much in the beginning, I continued recording the show because of my respect and loyalty to their return. I understood the show was in a transition period as the firing of Reilly and the hiring of Hogan was taking place, so I had patience and kept DOOL on my season pass.

In the fall, my patience was rewarded. I found I was no longer watching just for Steve and Kayla but for many other storylines too. Hogan went back to something that had been sadly lacking at DOOL all these years, character development. To name one example, the redemption of Chelsea shows that a talented actress can take a one note character and turn her into a multi-layered sympathetic character with the right writing. The introduction of Nick (the best new character I have seen in awhile) to her bad girl character floored me with the chemistry these two have. Hogan also improved the dialog which has become funny and snappy. The merging of storylines so characters interact with others is a huge improvement to what DOOL experienced before. (Hint: Still wanting to see the great actresses Alison Sweeney and Mary Beth Evans to act off each other.)

Are there still problems? Yes, most notably with this last sweeps period where storylines stalled and characters went back to being ostracized away to their only current plots. Since then things have become to improve again. I was dismayed with your comments in SOD because I think we need to remember that balance (in screen time) is what the show needs as well as romance. Listening to extreme fan bases who only want to see their favorites on screen does not necessary help the show overall. What would serve everyone is umbrella storylines where characters all work together for a shared goal. You promised in the fall there would be such a story with ALL the veterans (Bo & Hope, Steve & Kayla and John & Marlena). Newer and older fans of the show was looking forward to that. What happened? Also something that has been lacking is romance, love scenes. Whether fans enjoy the current storyline of their favorites or not, they stick through it for the payoff, which is the love scene. We need to see those too.


So basically what I’m saying is, I came back for the return of Steve and Kayla. Through their return and Hogan Sheffer’s talented writing, I have come to enjoy the show as a whole. All I ask is quality in the story telling and character development continues to improve. The fans have a right to see their favorites on screen (mine are Steve & Kayla, Nick & Chelsea, Bo & Hope, and Lucas & Sami) but I believe all it will take to get the ratings back up, is balance and romance.

13 thoughts on “My DOOL letter

  1. Great post, Tripp! I agree with all of it. I like most of the couples on the show now, especially the veteran supercouple and Chelsea/Nick. I’d love to see all of them involved in a big umbrella story for the summer.

  2. Tripp, great letter. I wrote another letter (besides the one I posted) where I talked more about how I came back for Steve and Kayla, but am sticking around because Hogan made the other characters compelling too. I think Hogan needs some props right now.

    The only thing I’m kicking myself for is that I didn’t point out that I’m in THE DEMOGRAPHIC. That was good that you did.

    I like how you pointed out what was wrong with sweeps—it wasn’t who was or wasn’t featured as much as the isolated, stalled storylines.

    Great job!

    Is TWoP down again? I’m going crazy here!

  3. Excellent letter Tripp. I sent 3 letters to Corday last week myself. One was based on MP’s letter and talked about the need for balance and romance. The other two were more about coming back for Steve and Kayla and learning to love the show as a whole.

    I also sent an e-mail to SOD reminding them of Corday’s quote in the preview edition and expressing my displeasure with his decision to throw Hogan and others under the bus. For what it’s worth, I’d urge everybody to send e-mails to SOD and SOW as well as the letters to Corday. Sometimes a little outside pressure can work wonders and I’m hoping maybe SOD will hold Corday’s feet to the fire regarding this earlier remarks.

    This week was rather depressing because of Corday’s remarks, but seeing fans from different message boards all getting galvanized to respond and make sure that Corday doesn’t destroy the show completely under the guise of “fixing” it has been rather uplifting. Who knows if we’ll win the battle, but at least we’re not going down without a fight.

  4. esp, I sent an email to SOD too, talking about Corday’s interview particularly and how I thought he was throwing Hogan to the wolves.

    I just hope it will have some kind of effect.

  5. Awesome MP . . . I think it definitely needs to be pointed out that Corday is clearly blaming Hogan for things that don’t appear to be Hogan’s fault. I refrained from doing that in my letters to Corday because I’ve heard that he tends to disregard letters that criticize him personally. But, I have no such qualms on the message boards and in e-mails to the magazines.

    I know some don’t venture to “other” boards, but there is a concerted effort to get fans to unite for a balanced show. Not only does this hopefully get the message to Corday that if he wants to please his fans, he needs to pay attention to all the characters, but hopefully it will also highlight the difference between certain fanbases who only want to see their favorites and the vast majority of fans who want to see their favorites as part of a well-balanced, well-written show.

  6. Thanks everyone! I also sent emails to SOD as well but that was BEFORE Corday’s comments when I got fed up with serious negative blasts at the notorious board of Sony (where argueing with extreme fans who never seem to like anything of the show, even when their favorites are being featured). I need to send more emails.

    My purpose of this letter was many things:

    1. To NOT go off on Corday as I really wanted to. Like ESP, I also heard Corday doesn’t respond well to criticism to him (which isn’t surprising) so I really had to refrain from that.

    2. To give kudos to what Hogan does really well. I have no idea if his job is in serious jeapoardy, but Corday obviously is willing to make him be the scapegoat if needed.

    3. Love of certain actors. S&K are no brainers, especially since Corday singled them out, but given how new Chelsea & Nick are, I wanted to make sure that Corday sees the goldmine in Blake and Rachel and if any younger generation deserves storylines, it’s certainly them.

    4. Not to go off on the gasping, breathiness of Deidre Hall, no matter how much I wanted to. I have missed B&H so much as well as John. I still can’t miss Marlena. I respect opinions that she does have her place on the show and her missing from the canvas makes no sense so I am in no hurry to see Marlena back on our screens.

    5. Unrelated but WHERE THE HELL IS TWOP?????

  7. LOL, Tripp . . . I’ve been wondering about TWoP myself. It’s not fair that they get me addicted to that damn place and then keep making it disappear. GRRRR.

  8. What the hell? I was looking at my comment previously and I guess I accidentally deleted part of it.

    Well, anyway what I had typed to say was on Marlena. I meant to say that as illogical as her missing from DOOL canvas is, it goes hand in hand with so many other things that are illogical or defies common sense. I’m also upset that Corday couldn’t have thrown her to the wolves.

    Yes, ESP. Being on the Internet without TWoP is like watching TV w/o the remote control. It’s still possible but it makes you feel like you are missing something very useful. 😦

  9. I, too, am jonesin’ for TWoP.

    One thing I like a lot about the Sony Board (one of the only things) is the ignore function. Life can be so pleasant when you wield the ignore button.

  10. Great letter, tripp. I still haven’t had time to write mine, but I intend to asap. Marypickford’s and your letters have really helped me verbalize what I’m thinking without bashing Corday (which I really want to do).

    Who do I have to bribe to get TwoP working properly? I need my fix.

  11. OMG, I hate Sony! I hate Sony! I hate Sony! This is why TWoP being down is so hurtful because I need that general Days forum to counteract the maddening, infurating posts at Sony.

    OK, back on topic. I am glad to have helped lascuba. It’s easy to get off on a tangent like (SHUT THE HELL UP CORDAY!) but that probably won’t endear us to him. 😀

    I need to use the ignore button, Paula. I just feel like it I might wind up missing something that I could respond to.

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