Let me stop by and see my husband at the asylum…

Many SKork fans are furious at the current S&K storyline. They are furious that Kayla is basically in a looping pattern as they are forced to watch her constantly do all the work in the relationship while Steve pushes her away over and over.

Why isn’t this working? It’s not like we haven’t seen Kayla in this role before…chasing and arguing with Steve that they are meant to be together and all they need is their love to get through. Steve has said some pretty cruel things to Kayla before and that’s without the brainwashing, I still can’t allow myself to watch the horrid “Shore-leave” scene again. And even then we knew his motivations.

Maybe that is it. We don’t understand his motivations. In the 80s, Steve might have mouthed off one thing, but usually it wasn’t a minute before we saw what he really felt…usually through a fantasy, a lingering look or his harmonica playing. My favorite scene actually of Steve self reflection (literally as it turns out) is early on after he scared off the whino terrorizing Kayla but her obvious fear of him sent Steve to stare at himself into that dirty mirror at home and say out loud it was no wonder Kayla Brady was scared of him.

Today was basically a repeat performance of similar scenes between the two since he was admitted. This time we didn’t even have the disturbing hot kiss between them but instead got Kayla reading their daughter’s email. Yea, that’s suspenseful. I did notice one thing that was different in today’s scenes, we saw a little of Steve’s hesitation and how he didn’t want to hurt Kayla.

A little. It struck me today that things are different on soaps than they were twenty years ago. No shit. Ok, fair enough. It’s just…do we ever get any personal reflection on characters on Days anymore? Do we know the motivation of EJ who pretty much is a solitary character with no one else he can verbalize his plans? How about Phillip? We did get a moment of him lighting a candle for Claire but since then…anything?

What am I trying to say. I have no idea. I am just venting. I want to ask for more moments of knowing Steve’s motivations for what he is doing. But I think…it’s as pointless as asking for fantasies on soaps. It’s just not done anymore.

Random thought:  I was watching some first season episodes of Frasier on my Tivo and the actor who portrayed Orpheus played Father Mike (another radio host at Frasier’s station).  It sort of cracked me up.


10 thoughts on “Let me stop by and see my husband at the asylum…

  1. I think you put it very succinctly, it’s not working for us because we have no clue as to Steve’s motivation or real feelings (if he has any). 20 years ago when he was stalking Kayla, we knew that he felt at least a teeny bit guilty for doing it, because the actor showed that. We don’t have any idea why he’s doing what he’s doing, my guess is SN doesn’t have any idea either.
    In fact, we don’t know why most of the characters are doing what they are doing. Philip? doesn’t make any sense. Belle? ditto. Shawn? not much better. Sami? doesn’t make any sense either. EJ? not much. Pretty much the only ones who do make sense are Nick and Chelsea. Could that be one of the reasons that we actually can’t wait for their scenes? The same could be said for Kayla. We all like her. We also know why she’s so hell-bent on helping Steve.

  2. What kind of world do we live in when Chelsea is just about the only one on this show that makes sense? (The Salem world).

    Tomorrow we get Bo and Kayla scenes. I flove their scenes. You know, as irritating as Steve has been in this, Bo and Roman are even worse actually. Where did their passion for throwing EJ in jail go? The investigation has stalled and there is no more motivation anymore. WTH?

  3. Maybe John was their secret inspiration? They can’t do their freaking jobs without John to help?
    I’d say WTH? pretty much sums up most of today, or last week, maybe even the last month or more.

  4. Or the Salem brain was in Claire the day she left town, so now it’s somewhere between the south Pacific and Indian oceans? I hope they are going to do something interesting soon. What’s really pitiful is that I still have hope.

  5. densie, I still have hope too, pitiful or not.

    I feel your pain about Steve’s motivations, Tripp. I actually thought today was better in that regard, like you pointed out—we saw the hesitation. And he told her what we’ve been suspecting—he thinks he’s too far gone to be helped. I thought the dialogue was pretty good.

    What’s frustrating to me is that the umbrella story has been dropped—I think (hope) temporarily, but I don’t really know. If Steve’s story was happening at the same time that we saw EJ plotting his next move and saying sinister things about his possible plans for Steve, and we saw Bo and Roman in the copshop putting together their clues and attempting different scenarios, and even Marlena sitting by John’s bedside saying “I know EJ told you something that night, if only you would wake up so we could catch that bastard!” Or if Bo or Roman actually tried to interview Steve about what happened when he kidnapped John. If those things were happening, it would feel like the story was moving forward, even if nothing REALLY happened until sweeps. That’s what is bothering me.

    But back to Steve. I hate to say this, but in a way I feel like the lack of concern over hurting Kayla was partly how SN played it. He used to get this look of pent-up suffering. Today it looked more like simple regret.

    I got a little carried away there! Sorry for the long comment.

  6. Tripp, I’m totally with you on the motivation thing with Steve. With my long weekend crazy catch-up I’m now into the scenes where he’s properly locked-up again and was having pretty much identical thoughts (and frustrations) as yours.

    I can get that the brain-washing is a new factor here, but perhaps a clearer swinging between completely careless unmotivated Steve under the influence, and more obvious scenes of Steve fighting it and the real him coming through – whether he’s pushing her away or not during those periods – would be helpful.

    It seems yet another case of so close, yet so far from a great story.

  7. Great points everyone!

    I feel like the lack of concern over hurting Kayla was partly how SN played it. He used to get this look of pent-up suffering. Today it looked more like simple regret.

    What you said struck me Mary as I wonder if SN is playing him like that on purpose? Because given all the years lost and torture that Steve has endured since he’s been missing, all he can really feel now is regret compared to longing/suffering? (Due to the torture and brainwashing)?

    Course, I want what Zara says to be true and we see a more conflicted Steve trying to fight off his brainwashing (if indeed they are even still calling it that. It’s been unmentioned again and no sign of the tarot card). I don’t care for brainwashing stories but it’s easier to blame that then the fact that Steve is a coward.

    Densie, I do think it’s possible took the Claire brain but lately Phillip has been impressing me that I think he somehow found it on the island. Claire must have left it.

  8. You said it quite well Tripp. Yesterday’s show was better in showing Steve’s emotions though. The look on his face after he saw Kayla’s reaction to his “Look how that turned out” comment. They actually shot him from the side of his good eye and you could see his conflict when Kayla was talking about how she took a risk on him. Those are the moments that I’ve been waiting for. The problem is that they’ve come along weeks to late. It’s how they should have been played a month ago. At this point, the scraps they are throwing aren’t making up for this being Round 4 of the same conversation.

  9. Yes, ESP, it is a start. Showing some of Steve’s emotions helps but it’s coming too late I’m afraid.

    Good point on “shooting” on his good side. Course, I’m just glad they haven’t been letting the patch move and we get a glimpse of his eye underneath. That drove me crazy.

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