Wrap up on Greg’s story

So I caught up with CSI from last week finally. As I have made it clear, this show has disappointed me in so many ways since the season started, namely on the Mary Sue charactization of Gil Grissom.

This episode was no doubt the closure to the Greg arc of his relationship to the family of the kid he killed in self-defense.  Yes, I said he killed the kid in self-defense.  However, the family of the boy sued the city and Greg’s actions were pretty much hung out to dry by the city who settled. That doesn’t surprise me at all.  I was pleasantly surprised they revisited the story last week.

I am really happy overall with the episode.  I hate the UnderSheriff now, in more ways than I ever hated Ecklie (who I miss which I never thought I would say that).  It wasn’t unreasonable to take Greg off the case once it became linked with this family, but the Sheriff didn’t have to be such a dick about it.  (And I hate using that word but seriously it’s the best one to describe him).  Predicatably Greg couldn’t just walk away from a case (they never can on this show) but he managed to stay out of sight and didn’t interfere other than observe which is most understandable.  (Catherine could take a lesson from him).  The confrontation between him and the mother was something I imagine viewers wanted to see.

Before I sign off I can’t go away without saying my love of David Hodges. Two years ago I hated him with such a firey intensity.  Now I adore him, mainly because in no matter what the situation, Hodges is Hodges.  He’s a suck up and kisses the ass of anyone that he must, but at the same time will never apologize for it and owns up to it.  I can’t believe he’s become a character I root for.


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