Are the soap gods watching?

Today was a pretty good episode of DOOL. But two things struck me about it that had nothing really to do with the plots…could it be that TPTB head over to TWoP?

Reason #1.  Sami and Kayla scenes.  Ok, this is definite.  Not by a long shot.  I mean, their conversation was sweet and I loved Sami’s concern for her aunt but it certainly shouldn’t be the last we see them together.  I wonder if Sami does succeed in killing/hurting EJ, will Kayla put 2 and 2 together and figure out Sami may have had something to do with it?  What if Steve gets blamed?  Will that cause Sami more guilt?  (Off topic, does anyone else think AS and MB could pass for mother/daughter?  There was one shot when Sami first walked in and both women were clear on the screen.)

Reason #2.  Lucas making the off-handed comment that EJ blinked.  Ok, so that also is not definite proof.  It could have been a throw away line.  I got to about 4 different daytime boards on a daily basis and only one really comments regurlrly on EJ’s blinking.  It’s so bad I want to call him SirBlinksaLot.

I suppose this is wishful thinking on my part.  I hate the accepted belief that TPTB head over to Sony and read those maniacal  devoted fans who I believe are hurting days more than helping.  Not to say that TWoP are smarter people (but we are) I can’t help but hope at least one person from the show is paying attention to us.  A girl can dream right?

4 thoughts on “Are the soap gods watching?

  1. Tripp — I’m beginning to suspect you are right. Somebody (hopefully not Kenny) is reading TWoP boards. The Sami/Kayla scenes pretty much have me convinced. We’ve been talking about how great it would be for months and them, poof, there it is. It wasn’t all it could have been and please God, don’t let it be the last, but it was great.

    There have been other small things that made me think they were reading TWoP too. Of course, I can’t remember them right now, but I remember thinking “hey, we were talking about that not too long ago.” Anyway, I hope you are right because I think we have some awesome ideas and, generally, we’re not too caught up in the fanbase stuff. We can actually view the show as a whole.

    Oh, and I do think that AS and MBE could pass for mother and daughter (or with only a 16 year age difference maybe sister and much older sister, lol). Actually, somebody posted a picture on one of the boards of AS from not too long after she started on Days where she looked EXACTLY like MBE. The resemblence was absolutely scary.

  2. Thanks ESP.

    I can think of another time. Remember when Benjy first made his appearance in Salem while Steve was still Nick? They signed “old school” that is, like they did in the 80s. Saying everything outloud and repeating it back. LOL or at least Steve did. That didn’t bother me, mainly because Steve didn’t even remember he could sign and I know I would be saying it outloud too to just comprehend it.

    Anyway, TWoP had a FIT! And I remember specifically some “suggestions” on how the show could improve on this. Then by the time we saw Benjy with his wife…they were doing those very suggestions! It was kind of eerie.

    GBB posted that pic I believe. I noticed the screencaps for today’s episode is up at S& and I looked to see if there were any with both AS and MB in the picture. LOL; only MB and SN (big surrpise.)

  3. I paused my DVR at one point when Sami first arrived and was talking to Kayla and Kayla turned her head towards AS’s camera. It caught both of them pretty well and the resemblance is still pretty amazing. If MBE’s hair were longer, I think it would stand out even more.

    BTW, since we’re on the Sami/Kayla subject (or at least I am), I got to watch the scenes tonight on my TV and it’s amazing the difference it can make from clips sometimes. I just got a much better feel for a connection between Sami and Kayla on the bigscreen than I did from the computer. One thing I noticed is that Kayla seemed to have this look like she was realizing that Sami must have some reason for wanting EJ dead. She didn’t follow up on it, but it gives me a little hope for the future.

    Sigh . . . while I’m wishing on a star, I’d like to wish that the show is not just teasing me with all the good stuff this week. Because I really hate it when they do that.

  4. Well, I hate watching video clips on my PC. I like to stream them to my TV in the LR however I do admit the quality of the clips will vary. The resemblance was even more obvious now that I’m watching good quality.

    As for more Sami/Kayla scenes in the future, I really hope that is likely. They set the stage for both women to come back together quite easily (plus help give Sami even more second thoughts). I just hope the show doesn’t drop the ball.

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