Jack: I trust her…so should you!

Ok, so one of my online friends gets on me for being so down on Jack. I have to totally admit TWoP has influenced me a great deal (on their Lost forums) so I feel bad I didn’t dislike him this bad last season.

But then…he did start getting on my nerves by the end of the season. I remember at being furious at him for dragging Hurley, Sawyer and Kate into a known trap with the others and not even telling them his brilliant strategy for escaping their planned fate (as well as not telling them they were heading into a trap at all). Oh, and when I say brilliant that consisted of him asking Sayid to hang around offshore in a boat. Naturally Sawyer and Kate were furious when they figured out what Jack was doing but then it was dropped. Well, it was dropped because Jack’s plan failed, the Others kidnapped them and off they went.

Now the next thing that bugs is Jack admitted last night he was leaving the island for good. Leaving all of them. Now, I don’t blame him at all for that. Not at all. But I do think once Kate and Sayid showed up, pre-sub explosion, he might have TRIED to ask Benry if they could come too. Or at least one of them. If he is so in love with Kate seems like once he’s given the opportunity to save her life, he would have at least asked.

Now he comes back to camp and admits to trying to leave the island. Without anyone else. Oh, and with one of the others. But he was going to send back help for them! He swears it! And that’s not the point because right now the sub is gone because of Locke and Juliet is stranded like the rest of them.

I love Juliet whether she is evil or good, but the fact she is evil delights me that it makes Jack wrong again. Not that the show will point that out or anything.


2 thoughts on “Jack: I trust her…so should you!

  1. I so totally agree with every single word you wrote. I am OVER Jack. Except for the fact that I LOVE Juliet…and she clearly has a thing for him, and because she is perfect (while being perfectly evil) means I guess I still love Jack too. Damn it.


    The hug between Sawyer and Kate. Reminded me of other hugs by another S & K. Coincidence?? I think not.

    Is it Wednesday yet???

  2. Yea, S&K here with S&K over there. No coincidence at all.

    re: Jack. I like him sometimes but I grow tired that the show is making him out to be this long-suffering hero who puts everyone before himself. It’s probably what we will call The Marlena Effect.

    Where a character is billed as hero/heroine of the show though their actions usually result in doing more harm than good while their interests always revolve around what they care most about…pleasing themselves.

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