CSI: Lab Rats

Ok, believe it or not I loved this episode. Seriously, I think my favorite episode of the season. And to prove that I’m not like other crazies I have experienced in other fandoms who refuse to admit when they see anything good in a show that has bitterly disappointed them, I will even admit I liked Grissom in this. The plot was actually revolving around the supporting characters of the lab rats as Hodges as their self proclaimed leader to help Grissom with reviewing the miniature killer murders. I thought it was really well done. What I loved?

1. I am totally shipping Hodges and Wendy now
2. Greg told Hodges to “Kiss my Ass”
3. Watching Grissom be demeaned enough to chase after a blood soaked rat.
4. Hodges and Wendy!!!
5. Clever use of flashbacks to help catch up viewers (or refresh them) on all cases up to this point with the miniature killer. This is really important since no doubt the SF will be featuring the miniature killer.
6. My God, when have I started loving Hodges? Has the world gone mad?
7. Hodges and Wendy!!!
8. Doc and Dave dressing in hazmat suits to help Grissom catch said rat.

Seriously the whole episode was really good. I laughed mostly through it. It’s good they gave something constructive for Wendy (Liz Vassey of AMC fame) to do. Wendy and Hodges have that great love/hate chemistry and seriously if this show isn’t setting up for a romance between them I’ll eat my labset. That is unless that when they kill off Sara (educated guess) they no doubt will want to pair Wendy up with Grissom.

One thought on “CSI: Lab Rats

  1. The episode was truly great. A lot of funny moments and quotes.
    Hodges and Wendy are hot.
    Greg and Hodges are superb.
    Dr. Robbins is disgusted by rats. HA!
    Grissom and Hodges as a team. Grissom calling Hogdes “Dave”. Cute.

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