I’m a happy Chickster!

Today’s DOOL episode was blah.  I am annoyed with the mental hospital scenes which will be even less welcoming now that they have written of Dr. Elba.  Shelle is basically something I can’t stand even with the additions of Gabby and Duck, and Max has become boring again because the show continues to act like he is a player which he isn’t.

But Chick is good.  Chick is fine.  Chick is angsty and Chick makes me happy even when they are not.  Chelsea and Abby squared off today against each other and though I’m so tired of them writing Abby to be miss Negative Nellie, I was fine with her going off on Chelsea.  Someone had to.  Did it push Chelsea down the road to the darkside again?  You betcha.  And reignited her distrust to Nick which she seemed to be able to forget about between their hot kisses (which the show likes to hide from us).

Nick, who was looking mighty geeky fine today, has his own issues with Chelsea but all he wants is her to love him unconditionally.  The irony of that is Chelsea wants that from everyone she knows, and the only person giving it to her is the one she is pushing hardest away which is Billie.  But that’s a story for another time.

When Chelsea confronted Nick about the brush (which is sadly getting on my nerves for it’s ludicrousness) both Rachel and Blake gave it their all.  I ask myself in wonder how TPTB actually cannot see the difference between these two compared to Brandeom Beemer and Martha Madison who I’m sure are doing the best they can but it just falls flat. Let’s be honest…the stupid brush plot is not any less stupid then Shelle dealing with Gabby and Ducky but when it comes to who can make the story believable, Rachel and Blake are winning hands down.

And I’m fine with Chelsea screwing up some more.  I would cry fowl if they had upgraded her too quickly into squeaky clean heroine.  I don’t mind her striking out in her hurt at Abby and Nick.   I just hate we are ignoring the icky uncle/niece pairing of Max/Chelsea.  It’s distracting and takes away from the point.  I am not worried about tomorrow’s scenes that Chelsea is going to reignite feelings with Max.  In fact, part of me wishes Aunt Maggie could see it because you just know Max is going to fight her off and tell her no…so much for his role as a player.


11 thoughts on “I’m a happy Chickster!

  1. I loved Chick yesterday too. Since I’m a glutton for angst (although the latest S&K venture in angst has me rethinking my position), the key for me in any couple story is how well they can convey the angsty longing portion of the story. Almost anybody can play the lovey dovey stuff (Shelle being the exception to that rule). But, the true test is when things are bad, can the actors bring the underlying connection/attraction/whatever so that, despite all the problems, I believe they still want to be together?

    Well, RM and BB can definitely bring the angst. You could tell that Nick wanted to tell Chelsea he believed she was innocent, but he couldn’t say it. Chelsea wanted to hear it more than anything, but didn’t. And underneath the anger and the hurt, there’s the connection. That’s the key for me. It’s what SN and MBE have always been able to do (and, like it or not, that’s the measuring stick for me).

    I agree with your comments about the hairbrush. Because, honestly, it’s the one piece of absolutely convincing evidence? There is no other possible explanation for the hairbrush than that the arsonist put it there? Because we all know that people who start fires are also obsessed with how their hair looks. Plus, they already said that they talked to pawn shop dealers who confirmed that Willow was trying to pawn the jewelry. So, even if the DNA on the hairbrush showed it belonged to someone else, wouldn’t the jewelry thing be hard to explain? It sure seems like it would be easier to explain the hairbrush than the jewelry, but maybe that’s just me. I really need to not think about these things so much.

  2. Not to mention that I thought instead of stealing the hairbrush Nick could have just damaged by removing the hairs from teh brush. DNA can only be taken from hairs IF there is skin tags. I know, it’s not like the show knows this much about forensic practices, I mean anyone can take a look at the brush and see the hairs in it are brown and not blond so ergo the brush is not Willow’s.

    RM and BB can do a lot with their eyes so I think the next step for them is to be apart but have the eyesnog. Not many couples have done the eye-snogging to the level that SN and MB can…but I think these two have the best shot. We got some cute great looks between them when they were helping Shelle in Toronto. Those were flirtatious looks so I’m curious to see the longing now.

    Again, it comes down to featuring romance in the stories and so far the show is really low on that, putting all their romantic eggs in one basket with Shelle which is wrong for obvious reasons.

    Let Chick control some romantic eggs. They are more qualified (what with their name and all).

  3. RM and BB could definitely do the eyesnogging. They both have wonderfully expressive eyes which is a must. They also both seem to understand how to convey layered emotions with just a look which is the most important part of a good eyesnog. And, while they haven’t really been given the shot yet, I’m guessing they will be up for the “make it feel like they are the only two people in the room” eyesnog (which may be my personal favorite). Hmm, I think we need to add eyesnogging 101 to the classes at Soap University.

    As for the romantic eggs . . . I’m all about giving some to Chick (and to, I don’t know, some other couple that knows how to eyesnog pretty well).

  4. You know, my favorite look of BBs (that’s Blake) was when Chelsea kissed him after he saved her from Dr. Pervert. There is this look he gives her right after the kiss and all I could think was..”You can’t train an actor like that!”

    Likewise RM’s look she gives Nick (which is oh so different) when he brings up “you knowing” her mom is priceless but also a great showcase to her talent.

    Yes, Romantic eggs to all couples minus Shelle (because they don’t know what to do with the eggs) and J&M (because they get the eggs and wind up cooking them using unnecessary cheese).

  5. Oh, now I’m pissed that I missed the end of yesterday’s show! The show has been so blah lately that I decided not to catch the repeat on Soapnet. Now I wish I had. I love Nick and Chelsea angst. I’ll have to try to remember to catch it this Sunday.

    I’ve still got my fingers crossed that Steve and Kayla’s storyline is somehow going to pay off. The breakout from the hospital was good. Who do I have to bribe to get their story to move forward?

  6. I don’t know who you have to bribe either MP, but if you find out I’ll be happy to contribute to the bribe fund.

  7. Mary…there is a MB out there where you can download the episodes but you have to register. If you don’t want to register, PM me at the SKork board (I think I saw you registered there) and I will send you the links straight to the clips. You only need like the last 2 or 3.

    I’m not sure if bribing will work. Maybe threatening. 🙂

  8. Thanks, Tripp! I’m at work now but I’ll check out the Chick clips tonight.

    Yes, to clarify, I am registered at the SKork board. That “marypickford” is indeed me.

  9. Well to clarify it is clips for the entire episode. But Chick aired towards the end so I bet you could start with the 6th and 7th clips and have their entire scenes.

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