A word from our sponsors

Let me interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you something unrelated to TV or entertainment.

I changed my main website. I get excited about this and must announce it everywhere. My main site is tech driven (as it’s supposed to be my main love in life BEFORE TV but sadly my job is sucking that love away) but there are a few splashes of personal touches like pics and a forum. I changed to a silver polished look that hopefully makes it seem more sci-fi-ish (all good things in life are).

And now…this banner that I love from a wonderful fellow DOOL fan who runs a great history site:


3 thoughts on “A word from our sponsors

  1. An annoucement in the forum is coming, too, isn’t it? 😛

    I like your main site. As usual. 😀

  2. Actually I thought I would be quiet in the forum and see how long before people notice. Which means no one will really notice except you.

    Thanks 😎

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