Jack totally gave Juliet that Spoon

I liked last night’s episode of Lost for the most part. Not as good as last week’s but still prefer it over the Nikki and Paolo hour.

Main Plot:  I like Desmond, I really do but I was bored severly by his flashback.  I really really do like him but call me in the bitterness camp that we get 2 episodes this season with him and Juliet and only one of Sawyer (and yes that is official now).  That said, I was glued to my seat on whether he was going to really let Charlie die and though I could safely assume he was totally going to save him at the last minute (I knew that before finding out he was a former monk :eyeroll:) it led up to the moment nicely..  Speaking of deaths, that’s a horrible way for anyone to die.  I’m not a Charlie fan and really would be fine if they did kill him off this season but wow.  One question though, Rossueue’s traps…are they really scattered all over the jungle?  It’s just everyone has been trapesing all over the place and no one this season has worried once about these traps.  Suddenly Charlie (naturally) senses the danger of going off in the jungle.  What?

So who is this chick Penny sent?

Now for the triangle.  Or lack there of.  What the HECK was that discussion between Jack and Kate?  Seriously?  Was that supposed to be flirting?  Let me say I didn’t think anything negative of Jack in this scene. He was actually fine.  I saw no real feelings from him to Kate.  I find it hilarious that he gave that spoon to Juliet.  Meanwhile Kate’s character is getting butchered.  I have huge issues with her going to see Sawyer after that (as hot as it was aside) but are you telling me that she saw Jack talking to Juilet and she runs off crying? Are you serious?  She has it that bad?  They are killing me with this.


4 thoughts on “Jack totally gave Juliet that Spoon

  1. I have to admit I loved last night’s episode, mainly b/c of Desmond’s story. I so desperately want him to get back together with Penny ever since I saw her answer that phone from those dudes last season (? – was it only last season?). There’s just something about their story that I love. Honestly, I thought it was going to be his jilted bride under that helmet – that would have been some twist. Although I doubt that she really would have been looking for the man that left her at the alter.

    Anyway, I was so disappointed in Kate. Not how I was hoping that scene would play out after I saw the preview of it. We need to knock some sense into Kate. Why would she ever choose Jack over Sawyer?? 🙂

  2. I love Desmond and Penny too. I had thought that Desmond had died in the SF last May so I am happy to see the two of them making their way together. I really like Penny too. For some reason she just seems very real to me (as opposed to other actors on this show).

  3. Sawyer is hot. Jack…is not. Kate’s an idiot for even being slightly conflicted about the two of them.


    I, too, was a tad bored with Desmond’s backstory. And, okay, I kinda wanted him to let Charlie get killed, just for the “OMG, I can’t believe that happened!” factor. And because Charlie bugs.

    Love, love, love that Sawyer came up with the “you weren’t here when the bet was made so I can still use nicknames with you” rule for Kate. Because I don’t think I could live long without the word “freckles” coming out of Sawyer’s mouth.

  4. Loved Sawyer in this. I have a friend who watches and has hated Sawyer up until this season and if him being on the seemingly losing (though I hope not for long) end of the triangle gets his stock to rise with former Sawyer haters, then I suppose it’s worth it.

    Loved it when he gave that mixed tape to Kate. And ITA on the “freckles” bit. That nickname is right up there (to me) as Sweetness is. 🙂

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