Stumbling upon the truth

So today there was a theme going on with Days. I’m astounded how often this show lets characters arrive at correct conclusions using inappropiate (and usually laughable) reasons.

Let’s start with Kate. I like Kate and the actress who plays her but I always find her interest in her children, or more importantly, her sons, to be an incredible unhealthy obsession. However, today’s scenes really took the cake. Yesterday, having Phillip call Lucas while he is supposed to be spending the night with his fiancee in a hotel suite was mortifying enough. Today, when no answer came from that phone call, they marched over to the hotel right up to the room door itself and banged as loudly as they could. That was as nearly as absurd as Marlena trying to jump off her balcony because John was calling to her in a dream.

Kate is correct. Sami is up to something with EJ. Lucas, though not in any real trouble, is not quite himself at the moment so she is right about that too. It’s just inconceivable to me that Phillip waited until Kate nearly tackled the hotel employee to the ground to finally admonish her for her behavior. It was a long time coming to hear someone call Kate out on her attitude to Sami but it seems a bit late when Kate is calling for Roman the Repulsive to get there to help them. The man can’t even move his face, don’t expect him to open a locked door.

Meanwhile, EJ begins to doubt Sami’s motives for being at the cabin with him. He doubts her now…after she arrives at the cabin, yes a little late, but when she asks for a kiss. And he not only doubts her, but he freaks out. Grabbing her, emptying her purse, ripping her blouse open. I admit, in his defense, not even Lt. Columbo would suspect Sami’s true weapon would be her poisoned lips, but that just adds more to my point. Why didn’t he want to kiss Sami?

His actions made me imagine what if Sami had done what she said, told Lucas the truth and left her family to be with him? I think Sami’s performance when arriving at the cabin wasn’t that out of place, if it were true she would have gotten a huge earful from Lucas. In truth, Sami would have wanted comforting and reinforcement from the man she left her fiancee (and family) for. Surely EJ, the great human mastermind of manipulation, would know that?

I liked today’s episode and think it was probably the best one for the week. (I’m going to not say anything on nuSteph. Not yet anyway). But it just goes to show that even when characters are right in Salem, they are still stupid.

6 thoughts on “Stumbling upon the truth

  1. I haven’t seen this yet, but inappropriately knocking down hotel room doors is obviously an inherited trait. Phillip could hardly berate Kate too much when she stood around watching him go all Hulk and kick in doors on ShelleDuck Island a couple of weeks back.

    The family that demands unreasonable entry to hotel rooms together, stays together.

  2. Oh, I forgot about Phillip beating down the door in Hawaii the island they are on. That would have been funny if someone had brought that up.

    I was happy to see Phillip stopping her. Actually she left him to continue working on that door (I guess it’s made of iron or something. Good security in that hotel).

  3. Ha! This is a great essay, Tripp. Kate has been oddly right about everything about Sami, all along the line, except in the way that really matters. Despite the repetitive nature of all this, there are some interesting layers there.

  4. I still long for Kate to find out what really went on between EJ and Sami then side with Sami against EJ. I do wonder if they aren’t at least finally going down that road a bit. Kate the other day finally started talking about EJ as someone Phillip should not be involved with. I assumed it was because she suspected EJ would break her favorite son’s heart by running off with Sami but that didn’t seem to be it at all. Instead we have her talking about the past accusations against him like it finally just occurred to her they may be true (or she has come out of the her smoke of denial).

  5. Tripp, ever since it became clear that we had yet another Sami-keeps-a-secret-from-her-intended plot on our hands, I have been hoping against hope that they were going to go somewhere different with it. Kate siding with Sami would be a great scenario.

    Regarding Kate changing her tune, I get the feeling Kate will say whatever supports the point she wants to make at the time. I have enjoyed the fact that several people have called Kate out on continuing to work with EJ. Now if only that “EJ embezzles” story had gone somewhere. Why didn’t Lucas think the police might be interested in what he found?

  6. I have been hoping they would go somewhere different with it too, Mary. What probably bugged me the most was the interview that AS gave to a magazine (either TV Guide or SOD) about how Sami was being Sami with a twist…she was caught up in a lie where she felt lives were in danger if she let the secret come out. It’s still not much of a stretch for her…and I was really hoping to see Sami take EJ down with the law rather than trying to kill him (though at least the storyline is moving again).

    Yea, the embezzlement story just came and went. Probably what bugged me the most was Billie hearing about it, seeing the evidence then telling Lucas to keep his mouth shut “for mom’s sake”. It would have been nice given she is on the threshold of going into business with him that she would be hesitant to start up a company with a man who steals from it.

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