Father Figures

Just like on Friday, I saw a new theme in today’s episode of Days. Today’s magic word was fathers, or more importantly, daddies. Three different storylines focused on the father/daughter relationship and it occured to me how different each one was.

John/Belle: Watching their scenes together, or more importantly, what Belle dreams of their relationship is really quite disturbing. John Black visits his daughter in her bed while she’s wearing a negligee to talk about her love life. I knew Belle had daddy issues but I had no idea it could be so extreme. There were moments when he touched her that made me cringe in the same way in watching Chelsea and Max make out. Tell me I’m not crazy!

Steve/Stephanie: Such a different dymanic. I have no doubt that Steve loves his daughter very much but he was unable to be there for most of her life. Now she is demanding him to step up and be the father he always said he wanted to be. It’s a reversal from John and Belle because Belle is so dependant on her father. I’m sure she would never have left Salem if John had not been in a coma. Stephanie, on the other hand, has grown to be quite an independant woman and can live and support herself. I’m afraid she is going to get disappointed pretty fast thanks to that tarot-bearing doctor who is working with him. (Note: I’m sure I will be kicked out of the S/K fanclub, but I loathe Stephanie calling Steve “papa”. I don’t get why that is so important. We are not living in the 18th century and strikes me so odd any young girl would feel natural in saying it.)

Roman/Sami: Obviously,Roman the Repulsive and Sami did not share any scenes but I felt it fit in with today’s theme. Unlike John and Steve, Roman’s love for Sami always is conditional, at least in the last several years. Sami craves attention like Belle does but the difference is she never received it thus resulting in pushing herself into the self-destructive nature we are seeing over and over again. What if Sami had the same relationship with her dad like Belle does (ok, maybe not being that close!), would she have been able to come clean to him about EJ?


7 thoughts on “Father Figures

  1. Good insight, Tripp. I’m glad to see the return of these resonances between storylines. I think Hogan is finding his feet again.

    I have a friend who calls her dad “Papa” but it was a little strange hearing Stephanie say it. It didn’t take me out of the scene, though—that’s always my test.

    Regarding Sami—I wasn’t watching during the whole Roman-is-John storyline. The way Sami instantly shifted her loyalty from the only dad she’d ever known to this stranger, and then spent the next ten years hating John—well, it’s interesting. With a different actor for Roman I could see it being a really interesting dynamic. She’s so eager to please because she didn’t grow up with him, and so doesn’t feel his unconditional love. Which, as we’ve seen, is dead-on accurate. He doesn’t love her unconditionally. A great source for her lifetime of insecurities.

  2. I counted she said seven times in the first half hour of today’s show! Luckily I didn’t notice her saying it anymore. It’s just a bit distracting.

    On TWoP we discussed the John vs. Roman father thing to Sami. The confusion I think lies in it that Sami was SORASed a year or two after WN and DH’s return to DOOL. There was a very clear scene after John was revealed not to be Roman and he told young Sami and Eric he wasn’t actually Roman, they got very scared of him.

    SORASing Sami means…Roman did raise Sami and of course just in time for her to see her mother cheat on her beloved Dad. My guess is Roman after returning the first time really spoiled his younger children because they were so young switching parents out like that confused them (maybe). Then once all the issues with Marlena began happening, Roman lost sight of trying to help Sami somewhere after he was molded into Roman the Repulsive.

    I hate to wish any actor to lose their job, but JT as Roman sickens me and it’s a shame as I really liked him on The Hogan family and 90210. I have no idea what he has done to his face but it’s not just that he can’t move his face…but his speech is affected and he sounds like he is talking with marbles in his mouth. It angers me everytime I see him on my screen.

  3. It’s not just you with the John/Belle scenes moving into creepy territory periodically. Between them and Jack/Abby, I really do wonder about some of the writing staff!

    I quite like new Stephanie – she got thrown straight in the deep end and I think she’s been doing well – but I do agree about the Papa thing. It’s not the word itself, it’s the fact they seem to want to have her use it 45 times per episode. On Tuesday every time Bo kept referring to Steve as her “Dad” it seemed like there was extra emphasis to overcome the over-Papa-ing.

  4. I haven’t seen the Jack/Abby stuff much so I can’t speak on that but the John/Belle stuff was just gross. Yuck.

    I’m definitely warming up to the nuStephanie. I liked her story to Steve about having that friend who lost her father at age 2. The Papa thing has to go though. She can refer to him as something else such as “father” and “my dad”.

  5. Didn’t Kayla call OMB papa when she returned to Salem? I’d like to think that when Kayla told Steph stories about Steve that it would start like this, “Your Papa…” esp. when Steph had to have been very little.

    Saying Papa sounds “fantastic” as in a fantasy or a fairy tale, very affective ( as in affection) but also sounds distant, as oppose to dad which sounds informal, casual and implies that there was a father-daughter relationship. There wasn’t a relationship to speak of.

  6. Welcome Daggerrose! Thanks for posting.

    I do think Kayla called OMB actually Pop like Bo did. I actually prefer that term over papa (which I’m sure is a shortened form) but even Pop I think is outdated for a woman in the 21st century to use.

    The thing is..has Kayla been referring to Steve as Stephanie’s papa? I hadn’t paid attention. I noticed yesterday Bo referred to him as “your father” and “Your Dad” to Stephanie.

    Papa could be a way to keep the formality in the relationship but I wasn’t getting that from the scenes. It came across as an endearment, like it’s or more importantly, he’s been there her entire life. I’m glad she called him on that earlier though.

  7. When Kayla returned to Salem, ESK 4, she said Papa to OMB.

    Maybe Papa is an Irish thing…

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