The Layers of Juliet

How much am I loving this character?  I am so glad the writers went with the fact that she isn’t cold hearted and evil like Benry and shows her to be having trouble being the mole over at the Lostie camp.

Though awkward, Sun confronting Juliet after Kate tells her about the pregnancy issue (makes you think Kate would a bit hesitant in using Sawyer for sex doesn’t it?)  Juliet tells her flat out…that women who become pregnant on the island die.  Whether Sun realizes this is due to an inexplicable force on the island and not because the Others are killing the women is unclear.  Understandably she is freaked out and walks away.

Later, because Juliet is an Other, she sneaks into Sun’s tent and demands they go out in the darkness and find the medical hatch so Juliet can perform an ultrasound.  I loved Juliet telling Sun the reason she was doing this was to get good news.  We know that was a lie but I think there was some truth to it.  Juliet got into this profession initially to do good in teh world and now, thanks to Benry, she probably hates her job.

After she tells Sun the baby was conceived on the island, I loved how Sun turned the bad news into good by saying she was glad the baby was Jin’s.  (That’s the ultimate lemonade out of lemons there!)  I think it really affected her.  Wouldn’t it be something if at the last minute Juliet becomes a true Lostie?

2 thoughts on “The Layers of Juliet

  1. Sun’s reaction to the news that the baby was Jin’s was so touching, in a weird sort of Gift of the Magi kind of way.

    But dude—no Sawyer all night? That’s about fifty flavors of wrong.

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