“I scare me”

I love TV shows when they give us a “what if” type scenario for an episode. Most of the time you see this type of thing pop up in sitcoms like Friends, Newsradio and the very great The Simpsons. It’s rare for an hour long drama to give us a future episode that may or may not happen. I think part of the reason is because an hour (or 47 minutes) devoted to such a alternate universe is more difficult because it’s of ironing out all the wrinkles in the storyline. With sitcoms, even if you have wrinkles or outright holes, they can get lost if the humor is done well.

So tonight Heroes gave us a “possible” outcome in the show set five years in the future. There were holes for sure. One was how Sylar managed to survive Hiro’s original attack on him if he didn‘t kill the cheerleader (which he didn’t). How did Bennett manage to wind up in the middle of Wyoming? And how are we set 5 years in the future with dark Matt and we STILL are forced to talk about Janice? Where was Linderman? See, there were definite holes they did not answer.

So let me just ignore all of that and go SQUEEEEEEE like some drooling fan girl! This episode was awesome. I loved the characters taking on new personas with only the slightest hint of their original character. I loved Matt being evil! I loved Claire as a brunette! I loved Peter with a scar and so in control of his powers! I loved how I didn’t see the Nathan isn’t Nathan after all but really Sylar in disguise coming!

One bonus part of this episode is I really expected it to be filler. Just a look at what might happen that would scare Hiro and Ando to death so they could be sure to do anything to keep this future from ever happening. However it seems that what Hiro took away is important and he HAD to go into the future to get his clues and understand. It’s not just his line “I scare me” after upon seeing his future self that he realizes the importance of going back and killing Sylar. He also is saving himself. It’s maddening what this kind of thing will do to your mind. It will make you go insane.

And I love that!!!


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