Trust is not that important is it?

I’m trying to decide if today’s theme on Days of our Lives is trust. It felt like it but I’m not necessarily ready to commit. It just seems that I saw trust issues between all characters today: Sami tries to get EJ to trust her, Lucas appears to be losing trust in Sami, Willow is manipulating Nick to trust her, Kayla wants Stephanie to trust that her father is really still there, Adrienne must trust Roman and Kayla she can really help and get Steve out and Josh Taylor must trust Mary Beth Evans to help him get through his dialogue when he is needed to say words that require him to make an “oh,” “rrrr” or “aaaa” sound.

The thing that struck me most today was how I do believe Stephanie does speak for the large amount of Days viewers who do not know about Steve and Kayla’s story. The more she goes on and on about how it’s time for Kayla to give up, the more I see it and it makes it much easier to take. Many SKork fans are upset that Kayla doesn’t deserve the treatment she is getting from Stephanie and I maintain that it’s unlikely both of them have grown up in LA and fostered the greatest mother/daughter relationship ever. Everyone wants to believe that Kayla would make a great mom cemented stronger by the absence of Steve. The old Stephanie made this myth easily accepted because no matter the bad choices she would make such as dating her uncle, she obviously unconditionally loved her mom and was quite protective of her. The nuStephanie seems to pretty much retcon that earlier version of Steph and many people hate to see it.

I honestly welcome it. I loved their scenes today and think Stephanie gave in way too early with saying she would work with Kayla. Leaving the way she did (while taking that donut Roman brought-HEE) shows she isn’t quite used to being a team player and that so reminds me of her father in his early years.


6 thoughts on “Trust is not that important is it?

  1. I agree with you 100% about Stephanie. I like that there is conflict between Kayla and Stephanie. I do think it was hinted at, but never developed, last fall though. When Kayla came back from Cincinnati without Steve, she found Steph who was all upset about Max. She was trying to get Steph to talk to her and Steph ended up going off on Kayla about how they never really talked when she was growing up and how Kayla never really listed to what she had to say. I remember Stephanie saying that Kayla was always emotionally closed off and Kayla apologizing because she was just trying to be strong. It was a great conversation, actually.

    If you go kind of from that convo and straight to the return of Stephanie and skip the “I want my mommy and daddy together” phase, it’s not too much of a retcon for those issues to be resurfacing.

    I also agree that she is the voice of the audience. And, if TPTB had enough foresight to recognize that the concerns needed to be voiced, hopefully they’ll also have enough to show the audience why Kayla is right and Steph is wrong.

  2. Oh, I remember that earlier conversation but I got it was just that Stephanie always felt that Kayla held back and not that she couldn’t sit down and tell her mom anything.


    I just loved Stephanie left in a huff with that donut. That made me laugh so hard for some reason.

  3. I did feel a flicker of annoyance with NuSteph today when she was giving Kayla a hard time, but I think it was knee-jerk Kayla protectiveness on my part. That woman has enough to deal with, back off!

    I really do like NuSteph quite a bit. I think a recast is a good time to tweak a character, and I think this character needed tweaking. It’s good to have someone be the voice of the audience, though of course it has to be integrated into the character. I would like to see some layers emerge, you know, show that she’s conflicted about this whole thing. But I’ll definitely give the character/actress a chance to develop them as she’s on more.

    I like your posts on episode themes, Tripp. Trust issues, that’s a good point. Boy, when Sami’s secret comes out they better have an awesome, awesome payoff. Same thing with this Steve adventure. I know some people are sick of “Sami keeps a secret” and “Steve in the loony bin” but I want them to stick with both stories and give them a satisfying payoff. It looks like they will be the main two stories for May, and I’m (cautiously) looking forward to it.

  4. Sami’s secret is the biggest storyline they have been going on for 6 months now and you are right, Mary, it should be awesome when it comes out. That doesn’t mean it will but surely the writers aren’t going to let Lucas fall into old patterns (though at this point who would blame him if he did?)

    I can’t believe we got another moment where Sami had an opportunity to tell the truth but didn’t. Ugh.

  5. I agree about New Stephanie. I also think that it would make sense for Kayla and Stephanie to not have a great relationship, mostly because of Kayla’s conversations with Steve. If she really missed him as much as she says and really felt like she was missing something for the last 16 (or whatever) years, then how great could she have been as a mother? She makes it seems as she has been emotionally shut down since he ‘died’, and she was I’m thinking that she must have been at least partially shut down as a parent, too.

    Every time Kayla told Steve how she missed him the Steve & Kayla fan inside said “yes!!!”, but the mom side of me always wondered how she could be doing her job as a mother if she was that shut down. It would be great if they addressed that issue, but it’s probably deeper than they would go.

  6. I like what you are saying densie in regards to questioning if Kayla was really a fabulous mother. To be honest, she could have been a great mother but still have problems with her daughter.

    I honestly think the biggest threat to Kayla and Stephanies relationship was how Kayla discussed her late husband with her daughter. I think Kayla whitewashed a lot of Steve’s past and it seems to me that if it all started coming out Steph would be bitter about it. Kayla probably had good intentions at the time but the circumstances today are making it harder for Stephanie to accept him now.

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