He’s like an Evil Clark Kent

Tonight’s episode of Heroes gave us something I was unexpected for…a human side to Sylar aka Gabriel.

I am a viewer who looks for the shades of gray of any typical bad guy. Though you always want someone to root against, it’s usually more compelling if that character was not just 100% evil and had some layering that enabled the viewers to not only understand but possibly empathize. If you don’t…you basically have a character like Skeletor from He-Man or Cobra Commander from GI Joe. They are always the villains in every episode and each week our heroe(s) must find ways to thwart their evil plans of world domination.

But Sylar has layers? Wow, did not see that coming. This is a man who lived his life as a quiet watch repairman but had the personality complex that usually gets assigned to serial killers. Once he realized his power to figure out how things worked, he began applying it to how other heroes could control their powers by…well we just know he’s doing something with their brains. Thankfully the show does not give it to us in full, gory detail.

So tonight it turns out even Sylar has a stopping point. Once realizing that he possibly could be responsible for blowing up New York (we know that this person will actually be likely Peter) he becomes so disgusted and concerned he calls the only person he thinks can help him: Mohinder. Naturally Mohinder quickly goes to dial 911 (and say what exactly? I have a mad man who eats people’s brains on the phone) with his cell so Sylar quickly hangs up. So he calls this only other person he has to turn to: his mother.

Yup, ladies and gentleman Sylar has a mother. A MOTHER! I’m getting the idea their relationship was definitely dysfunctional but we only see a glimpse. Sylar, or back to Gabriel visits his mom dressed in his normal, evil Clark Kent attire. The scene where he tries to give his mom a chance to be inside one of her beloved snow gloves is almost touching and charming, until it turns dark and Sylar becomes to come out, accidentally cutting his mother.

I think we are to believe Sylar goes to her for a way out. Sort of “my mom must clean up my mess and tell me I’m not really a bad boy” type of thing which, of course, once introduced to the real monster that he is, she freaks out. Oddly, killing his mother is probably the most accidental murder he has committed. And there is no going back. It’s like that layer of his has been peeled away and he sinks lower into his abyss of psychopath.

Man, I hope he dies in the season finale!!


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