The Sweetness & Sourness showdown!!

Ladies and Gentleman! Step right up! We have ourselves a fight tonight! Two women, straight from Salem, both highly successful in careers and maintain they love having great sex are duking it out with weapons of their choice!!

In this corner:

We have Kayla Brady Johnson aka Sweetness with her powerdrill. She recently has been going after evil E.J. Wells/Dimera and rendered his door useless!

In the other corner:

We have Katherine Roberts Reed Kiriakis Brady aka Sourness (my name for her) with her ax. Her mortal enemy is one Sami Brady.

Both women are strong and of indepandant mind! Both women use brought weapons in hopes of defending men that they love! Who will come out? Who will win?

The bell rings

Announcer #1: Sweetness heads out of the corner with drill in hand. Sourness has her ax ready and she has the height advantage definitely. She’s swinging that ax like she’s going after a hotel door.

Announcer #2: Oh, I believe she clipped off some of Kayla’s ruffles on her blouse!

A #1: That’s ok, that outfit was ugly anyway. Kayla’s got a chance to strike…look at her, she goes in with the phillips head, she’s making curls out of that hair! Look at them, it’s working!

A#2: Nope, Kate’s pushed her away and swinging that ax again. It’s too bad Sweetness couldn’t ring that bad coloring out of Kate’s hair!

Kate: Listen, Kayla! Don’t think you can take me! I’d worry more about that family of yours with the crazy husband and slut of a niece.

Kayla: Don’t you worry about my husband, dearie….and my niece has more beauty in her pinky than you have in your entire body.

A #1: Oh, look, back at each other. Kate’s swinging again. She’s got a great swing straight to Sweetness coming, oh she hits her! But it’s with the broadside of the ax! Seems Sourness was holding the ax poorly to keep from messing up her manicure.

A#2: And even with that hit, Kayla is coming back full force. She’s already switched out the drill bits and chosen a masonry one. Oh oh, she’s hitting Kate, right on her belt. Shes made contact, and Kate’s screaming.

Kayla: Take that you EJ lover!!

Kate: (Mad at the state of her wardrobe): Is that an insult? I know you went after EJ’s apartment with that drill! You’re insane.

A #1: Kate lunges forward but Sweetness jumps out of the way. She’s plucky, ladies and gentleman!

A #2: She sure is! Look at the way she manuevers behind Kate and plants the drill straight in her back.

Kayla: Yea, I did use it on EJ’s door and I actually got in! Not like this ax you used to try and break into your son’s hotel suite!

Kate: Oh, careful of the bra! I get those mongrammed!

A #1: She’s finishing the town ho off ladies and gentleman. There is no stopping now.

A#2: I say it’s Sweetness with the drill as the winner!!

Crowd goes wild!

Kayla turned to Kate and helps her opponant stand up. Being a Brady, she needs to give the standard lecture: See, Kate, even though both us wound up following similar paths in trying to protect our loved ones…I was successful because I used intelligence, logic reasoning and cunning to break into EJ’s to get the information we needed. When you ignored all signs of logic to break into Lucas’s hotel suite…you were just a bitch with an ax!


6 thoughts on “The Sweetness & Sourness showdown!!

  1. Still, I’ll give Kate points for swing the axe better than Max did back in the skeleton-in-the-church-basement moment.

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