So the wedding that WAS

Sami had her wedding!  Sami had her wedding!  Yea, I know I am late to the party but Sami had her wedding!

I was really really happy with the Sami wedding and confession to Lucas. It had taken so long to set up for it, I really thought I woudl no doubt be disappointed in the long run.  I can safely say I was wrong and am glad to admit to it.

I think this week was really meant to strengthen Lucas’ role in this couple and show that he does really love Sami, something he has been accused in the past of not doing.  The cake in the face to his overbearing, way too protective mother was just a great big applause moment.  What woman bellows at her son’s wedding that she was right about Sami while facilitating a moment that would bring great great humiliation that song?

Following up Kate’s helping of cake by Lucas was the great punch by Sami which was long time coming too.  It amazes me how EJami fans continue to bash Lucas and insist she is a better match with EJ.  I admit that an early triangle between Lucas and EJ would have been interesting and different so Sami could have been chased for awhile instead of doing the chasing, but that was before the rape, that was before the gloved hand reveal and most definitely before he because a murderer of shooting John and killing Eve (the latter, most people completely forget.)  I’m fine if people will never believe Lucas is good enough for Sami, but don’t tell me that EJ has always put her first…because that’s like the Phantom of the Opera’s obsession to Christine got her the best singing role of her life.

But love the outcome or hate it, it was definitely an entertaining week for Days which has finally showing large leaps in storyboard improvement.  Now, if someone could actually have a real love scene on this show!!!


2 thoughts on “So the wedding that WAS

  1. I loved Sami’s wedding (funny how it is more Sami’s wedding than Lucas’). I thought the montage was wonderful and I loved the song.

    I was so glad when Lucas stood up for her and told her not to be upset on her wedding day. And I totally loved the cake in Kate’s face and the fist in EJ’s.

    EJ finally lost a couple of battles last week (although the war is far from over). That, in and of itself, was great to see.

  2. It really was a great week. I actually never had any doubt they would get married this time – all the green wedding product placement would never have ended with another altar abandonment – but the way in which it happened and the aftermath were pretty much as good as it gets.

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