Could have gone either way

Wow, CI’s recent episode this week was not ripped from the headlines.

Roy Scheider guest stars as a serial killer (Mark Brady) on death row with 15 days left before his execution, he asks Larry from Perfect Strangers (everyone is a killer on this show) if he would pass some information to Goren.

It seems  Brady kept a scrapbook of the women he killed in the 80s.  Unfortunately, they only know of 5 of the girls and have to account for all of them that listed.  Naturally it becomes a “tit for tat” session between Goren and Brady.  Eventually Brady gives him a clue to another scrapbook but this one is much older.  It seems he has pictures of women from the 60s, one of which bares a striking resemblence to Goren’s mother who dies in this episode.

I didn’t think I would like this episode, not because of Scheider but because of yet another moment of Goren’s dying but mentally ill mother.  I have issues with storylines like this because of a personal nature but I’d be darned if I didn’t get caught up in the story.

Brady apparently remembers Goren’s mother fondly and she might have precipitated his need to kill women she left him for the man she married.  Later, when her husband isn’t home enough, she strikes up another affair with Brady and Goren worries he is the son of a psychopath.

What makes this episode stand out to me is because earlier this season Martha Plimpton guest starred and mentioned how due to Goren’s childhood he could have gone “either way” referring to him being a talented profiling investigator or a true disturbing serial killer.  Given Plimpton’s character had the same chance as Goren, this moment where he realizes it’s quite possible he is related to this horrible man scares him all the more.


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