One season of Heroes….check

So that’s the ending.  I have to say..I’m a bit underwelmed.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved how all the heroes wound up gathering together in the square and each attempted to take Sylar down in their own way.  It makes sense in many ways, most of the characters had only known each other through various cliques and it wouldn’t have made sense for them all to join in one large unit to take him down at once.

I think what’s disappointing me most is Sylar himself.  But it was earlier.  Ando dropped the comic Isaac drew and Sylar was too arrogant to believe his fate would end that way.   I can’t understand why.  All of Isaac’s paintings have come true, who is to say this one couldn’t?  Sure Hiro failed on his first attempt but the comic obviously showed Hiro’s stabbing to happen at a later event.

Nathan coming at the last minute and taking Peter off pretty much sums up the most closest brother relationship ever shown on TV.  I should have seen that coming actually…who else could really stop Peter other than his biggest hero: Nathan?  I doubt both men are dead, Peter could have told Nathan to fling him high into the sky and fly away.  After the explosion Peter would regenerate, fall to the earth, die and regenerate and wake up.  I do think that Matt’s character is done for now.  I originally liked him a lot in the beginning but by the end of the season he was growing on my nerves.

So the show now has set up a new boogeyman to worry about.  The one Molly says can see back at her when she tries picturing him.  Why would she have thought of such a man?  Was Primatech using her to hunt down other special powers and he was one of them?  Or is this someone she met before even Sylar came into her life?

And what the heck is Hiro doing in ancient Hong Kong?


4 thoughts on “One season of Heroes….check

  1. I don’t have any answers to your questions. I hardly feel qualified to answer at all, given that I didn’t watch the first episode of Heroes until some time Saturday morning (online) and watched like a crazed woman for two days in order to be caught up in time for the season finale.

    (Procrastinate? Moi?)

    However, I would like to go on record as saying the hottest guy on the show is not Peter or Nathan Petrelli. Nor is it DL or my adorably schlubby Matt. It’s not even Hiro, despite my overwhelming desire to pinch his cute little cheeks every time I see him.

    No, the hottest man on the show is Noah Bennett. Because a man who loves his family the way he does, to the point of risking everything for them, is hotness personified.

    Love. Him.

  2. LOL glad to see you have gotten the Heroes bug! It’s addictive.

    Love Bennett but I must confess he was so creepy in the beginning. However, if you saw the episode about his past with the company (“Company Man” maybe) you have to love him.

    His character is awesome. I think we found out for the first time his first name is Noah and my friend’s baby is Noah and I squealed finding that out, not that she watches the show or anything.

  3. Oh, Noah Bennet is without a doubt the hottest man on the show. There is no question in the least.

    And the “Call me Noah” reveal was my favorite of the episode.

    And Molly’s creepy, “And when I picture him…” YIKES.

    I think Primatech has used her before. Sylar had to have found out about her somehow. I don’t think he has any tracking capabilities. That’s why he was so thrilled to hook up with Mohindar.

    I love adorably schlubby Matt. But… and this is a big but. My hatred for his wife knows so few bounds that if Matt was taken down by his own bullets tonight? I’d be okay with that.

    I do, however, suspect that we’ll have no knowledge of Matt’s fate until one day when adorable little Molly gets cornered and Matt is there to be her hero.

  4. My hatred for his wife knows so few bounds that if Matt was taken down by his own bullets tonight? I’d be okay with that.

    Oh, ITA. I loathe Janice. I was hoping for an Audrey hookup to happen in the future but I have little hope for that, even with her short appearance in last week’s episode.

    I think Molly may have met this “new villain” through Primatech before she got sick.

    I hope if Peter is revealed to be alive, the radioactive thing fixed his hair. Seriously his hair was ruining his look for me.

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