Dear Days…

Dear Days,

In the future, when John Black comes to the dreams of his daughter Belle, have him stop caressing her, standing too unnecessarily close to her, or give her the same look he has when he looks at Marlena. (I realize this last request is more difficult due to the limited range of Drake Hogestyn but I still must ask).  Lets lay off the huggy and feely stuff.  Let’s just let them be platonic okay?  Thank you!

Sincerly a fan who wants to remain incest-thought-free,



5 thoughts on “Dear Days…

  1. BWAH!

    I second that request. Also, can we please just not have any more Dream!John moments at all? I actually love Drake for his soapy hamminess and bad acting as a general rule, but when he exaggerates it even further as Dream!John it loses its charm. The painful facial expressions and oh so dramatic pacing of dialogue are just way, way too much. I’m glad he’s waking up just so I don’t have to deal with Dream!John anymore.

  2. I third that request, and second esp’s request.

    I also add one of my own: Can they please find someone Martha Madison has more chemistry with than Drake, because that would help a lot in getting rid of the incesty feelings too.

  3. At least John is waking up now. I may be wishing him back in the coma if we get too many scenes of him and Marlena.

    I wish they could just get rid of Belle all together. Couldn’t Claire have been brought back safely and Belle lost in the ocean somewhere?

  4. Oooh, now that would have been a brilliant idea, Tripp. Leave Belle, return Claire. Hey, maybe if they really do find Claire, they can arrange a trade. Claire for Belle and Shawn and a player to be named later.

  5. Maybe Belle would improve if she wore a Big Damn Bow on her head, was carried everywhere, and tried to feed cookies to people.

    I completely flove that Drake was overacting in the coma.

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