Turns out, Little Sweetness…isn’t.

Today we have Stephanie Johnson back, front and center and all SKorks everywhere are hollaring fowl that the beloved daughter of Steve and Kayla has become such a rotten brat.  Of course, given that we just saw Stephanie up through Christmas who was in direct contrast to this character, many fans of the best couple in daytime think their daughter is getting sacrificed to the daytime gods.

This S&K fan, however, is fine with it. Do I think Stephanie is a brat and annoying?  Hell yes.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons for this behavior, one can easily guess that the writers haven’t been hinting at Dayton anvils since her return nor can one argue that Stephanie’s idolozing of her father wasn’t smashed to pieces the day the tarot card was resurrected at the mental ward.

First, let’s all notice how Chelsea is the one to tell Stephanie to be nice, right away in today’s episode!  I wouldn’t have bet money for Chelsea being the kinder friend a year ago but that’s what’s happening here and there must be a good reason for it.  The thing fans need to remember about Stephanie is though she is Steve and Kayla’s daughter, she is also her own character.  She acts of her own will and needs and certainly has her own agenda.  Meanwhile, their traits, including the bad ones, got passed down right to her and I find her acting very much like the old Steve and possibly, if you really look for it, the worst aspects of Kayla.  Do I hope she will change?  I sure do, but for now I’m curious to see where they are going with her and how it will affect Steve and Kayla in the future when they return as well as Chelsea and hopefully Nick.

The funny thing about Stephanie is her outlandish behavior has been remarked upon by almost everyone she has spoken to on the show.  Again, Chelsea having to tell Stephanie that talking badly about her boyfriend hurts her….so it’s clear Stephanie is supposed to be someone the audience isn’t rooting for.  (As opposed to characters such as Marlena and Belle are considered heroines of this show but are the most useless, ridiculous and in the case of Belle, needy, characters I have ever witnessed on the small screen.)  Stephanie’s scheme with this charter plane business is obviously that.  Something is going to happen but the question is who will it affect the most?  We have to wait to find out.

Meanwhile, I’m fairly disappointed in Nick today.  Seriously, my heart sank just like Chelsea’s did.  And there is Drake Hogestyn “acting” like he can’t talk.  It’s painful to watch.  Give me strength that when the ratings start to rise, we will see the J&Mazies insist it’s due to their #1 hero man returning from his slumber.


4 thoughts on “Turns out, Little Sweetness…isn’t.

  1. J&Mazies? Is that their official name? I think it suits them.

    As for Steph, I want to know what happened in the mental hospital when she saw Steve (off camera) alone, and ran out of the hospital as if the demons of hell were after her. I’m hoping something happened and The People In Charge are going to actually tie that scene into Steph’s current behavior (i. e. explain it).

  2. J&Mazies are my name for them. I think it suits them. 😀

    I hadn’t thought of that off camera scene. I thought what we had seen was enough to explain her behavior but it is intriguing to see even more.

  3. I have a feeling too that Stephanie is not going to stay this way, that this bratty behavior is setup for something. And she’s not all bad—she said that she was staying in Salem to be there for her mom when Steve inevitably breaks her heart.

    And, drama-wise, I like the idea of Steve and Stephanie having a difficult relationship. After all, they barely know each other and everything she knows is based on what her mom said—who she now thinks is unreliable where Steve is concerned!

    I admit I found her annoying yesterday, possibly because she seems so juvenile. But I like one thing about nuSteph as she is, which you mentioned above. It’s a different dynamic for Chelsea now, to have her friend be the voice the devil rather than the voice of reason, as Abby was.

  4. I like the idea too of Steve and Stephanie butting heads. Honestly, I want the show to confront how Kayla appeared to white wash Steve’s background when she returned. Stephanie will be a victim of that because she won’t be able to adjust to the real man before her compared to the man described by her mom when she was a little girl.

    Chelsea was actually what Abby should have been. The last few months Abby was incrediably judgmental and Chelsea, I think, handled Stephanie so much better. For example the insistence that Stephanie not badmouth Nick because it hurt her to hear it would not have been the way Abby would have done it. Probably more along the lines that Abby would have pointed out the speaker’s own problems and made fun of them in a sarcastic way. I like this Chelsea.

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