My thoughts on Season Three

I started watching Lost last season in it’s sophmore year so this season it was pretty nice to at least sit back and not be trying to catch up with all characters and their histories.  I knew it all before the season started.  Well, I knew what every other viewer knew anyway.  Here are my highlights (ratings are from 1 to 10 where 10 is the highest):

 The Others:  Clearly the most important new reveal to this season started off in the season premiere with a big band (literally).  Othersville was revealed to be, not a collection of shacks inhabited by savages, but a normal looking suburban neighborhood that could have stepped out of  a fifties sitcom.   We find out Benry is way more creepier than we imagined but incredibly devious.  Biggest surprise is he (and only he) answers to the mysterious Jacob, leader of The Others.  Enjoyability rating:: 10

 The Triangle: Okay, since the show was split into two mini-seasons, as a Skate fan, I obviously preferred the first part of the year.  Regardless who she picks, I’m amazed that the writers don’t seem to realize they are making Kate look especially bad.  The woman ping pongs between men in a manner that leaves a bad taste in almost everyone’s mouth, whomever you ship.  I also can’t believe that Jack had his heart broken when he saw Kate and Sawyer after their cage quickie.  At this point, I don’t care who she chooses, just pick one and stick with it!  Enjoyability rating: 3

New Characters: First and foremost, Juliet is by far a very intrigueing character!  Now this is how you write a character with layers (looking at you Days!)  At first she appears to be an ice-cold bitch but as we get flashbacks of her life before and after the island, it’s easy to root for her.  The kudos for giving us such a compelling character, however,  is marred by the show’s biggest misstep this season:  Nikki and Paulo.  (Who?)  I always thought that the beauty of making more survivors in the background meant we would get to see characters introduced but had been there the whole time.  Nikki and Paulo, however, makes me want to take that theory and put it into a box and let it be buried with them forever never to be tried again.  Sadly their arc brings down the awesomeness of Juliet.  Enjoyability rating: 5

Flashbacks: Okay, yes, for the first time we had a flash forward which was very cool!  (In spite of Jack’s beard.)  The rest of the flashbacks this year, mainly on the original cast, was a bit boring.  Did we really need the episode telling us about Jack’s tattoos?  What about why Desmond calls every man “brothah”?  On the flip side, some flashbacks were great, my favorite being Desmond’s first flashback where it turns out he is reliving everything.  Enjoyability rating: 6

Island Secrets: The show probably dropped the ball the most here.  Now in it’s third season, viewers are expecting real answers and none of this  “More questions with answers” thing.  The show only has three (shortened) seasons left and they have a lot to cover.  What did we learn?  Well, the most important is what happened to the Dharma people.  We also learned that getting pregnant is hazardous to your help as well as to make sure you wait 10 hours before burying someone (I kid!)  Many Non-Lost fans insist you only have to watch the first and the last episode of the season.  I have to shrug and say this season didn’t really disprove that theory much.  Enjoyability rating: 4

So the season as a whole was a bit of a disappointment but I must freely confess it’s partly due to my latest obsession with Heroes and their awesome way of delivering huge pay offs to answering season long questions.  Course, it’s a show in it’s freshman season and Lost is in it’s third.  I still look forward to next season as I’m still hooked on this show.  Enjoyability rating for all season: 5


4 thoughts on “My thoughts on Season Three

  1. I like this show, but it drives me crazy. I’ve been trying to have it make sense for 3 seasons. Somewhere near the end of this season I figured out that if I just quit expecting it to make sense. It’s much more enjoyable now. I also only watch the first few episodes and the last few. If I miss anything good (Skate?) I can download it off of iTunes.
    Any show that has to start each new season (or mini season) with the writers explaining all the previous episodes to us isn’t doing a very good job of writing.

  2. Skate is Sawyer and Kate (if you were asking, not sure if you were). Jate is Jack and Kate. TPTB insist viewers are evenly split between both ships, the evidence on TWoP actually leaves me to believe that isn’t true.

    I forget how you can download Lost off iTunes. LOL, ain’t TV grand?

  3. Actually what I meant by the question mark was the question of Skate ever doing anything interesting. If they do and I miss it I can always download the episode. Of course I have to pay $1.99 for it, but that seems a small price to pay for missing Jate. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t work so well, since I did catch the Jate kiss.
    I just find Kate’s going back and forth completely out of character. And I don’t really believe Jack would have been that surprised that Kate chose Sawyer, given her behavior.

  4. Yuck, I remember the Jate kiss. What’s funny is the Jate people were insisting that Kate was running away from her love to Jack to be with Sawyer. Well, one could argue in the episode of the Jate kiss, Kate was running away from Sawyer to Jack.

    I think the writers are stupid to continue this triangle. Make a decision and let it go.

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