Saved by the Beach

So, anyone see any real chemistry between Chelsea and Jett or Chelsea and Jeremy? No? I didn’t think so either.

Watching the beach scenes, I was struck by how it reminded me of a more extreme Saved by the Bell episode. I mean, even the actors look like their counterparts.

Jeremy=Zack: Okay, so he’s definitely a jerk. But remember, Zack was never supposed to be a nice guy. And in terms of looks, Jeremy really has the preppy blond hunk who has had his life served to him on a silver platter!

Jett=Slater: Both are muscle hunks, both have had military backgrounds (Slater was an army brat) and both even have ethnicity. He does appear nicer than Slater though (so far).

Stephanie=Kelly: In looks at least. Kelly was always a nice girl, so bitchyness that Stephanie is betraying really reminds me more of Brenda but I’ll save that if I start getting more of a 90210 vibe.

Chelsea=Jessi: Big no on the looks department, Chelsea represents Jessi because I always remember the snark the tall girl had (though that was with Slater rather than Zack) and Chelsea certainly acted like “the brain” with being suspicious of this company they were planning. I’m so proud of her, especially for talking about her guy, Nick and standing up to Jeremy!

Max=Screech: Okay, this might sound mean but this is the most obvious one to me. First, Max cutting out of work and showing up IMMEDIATELY is just something Screech would do. He’d drop anything whenever Zack called him. Then, and this is the part I feel slightly guilty, Max looked so scrawny next to the other guys, bless Darrin’s heart, I bet it hurt to wait weeks to be in an episode only to have to stand next to the latest eye candy. Lastly, Max investing just shows he is guillible, like Screech was always willing to do whatever Zack and Slater put him up to.

Why does no one notice Jeremy is a Horton?  And seriously, Stephanie heads off to Dayton, hooks up with a guy who winds up being related to the OTHER core family in Salem?  Meanwhile his best friend, in turn, is related to the only black minority family in Salem?  :eyeroll:  I mean, I normally agree with Hogan that bringing in new character they must show some connection to the current cast, but here was an excellent opportunity to bring in new characters who wouldn’t require them to check family histories to see if they could hook up!


9 thoughts on “Saved by the Beach

  1. Hee!

    See, I don’t have a problem with them bringing in more core family members (I am even amused that the surname of the actor playing Jeremy is Donovan), I have a problem with the way they are doing it. As you say, Steph goes to Dayton and hooks up with a core family member whose best mate is another core family member? Ah, no.

    Jett comes to town to catch up with Uncle Abe after Aunt Lexie goes missing? Makes sense. Being Jeremy Horton’s best friend in Dayton, not so much.

  2. Yea, I can get over Jett though I tend to roll my eyes a bit that he is conveniently related to the only black family in town. If Jeremy wasn’t a Horton I could let it go, but both? And they are best friends? Please.

    I think I’m a bit sensitive to more core family members only because a good friend of mine is trying to get into Days upon my recommendation. Do you realize how difficult it is for me to constantly throw back her proposed love matches when I have to say “Oh, no they can’t hook up, he’s her uncle.” “No, actually they share the same father.” “They are cousins of some kind, probably in the 3rd generation.”

    She thinks they are insane for bringing in more family members.

  3. I’m going to give Hogan a pass here. I think he did try to bring in some characters not related to everyone in town—Willow, Jed, and Gabby. Like them or hate them, I think they were meant to be fresh blood for the inbreeding Salemites.

    But it was at a time when all the vets were backburnered so it created a lot of resentment against them. And okay, Jed was terrible.

    I’m withholding judgment for the most part, but I am curious about why they made BOTH Steph and Jeremy so unlikable right off. It can be an interesting technique, so we can see the humanization/redemption on the show, but doing that to both of them is pretty risky.

  4. ITA MaryPickford. Not only have they made Steph and Jeremy unlikeable right off the bat, but they’ve made them very, very unlikeable. By giving them (apparently) no redeeming qualities at this point combined with snotty and unattractive attitudes, they run the risk of alienating everybody to the point that nobody cares about the ultimate redemption of whatever sort.

    Either the writers need to provide some small amount of humanity to the characters (Steph showing some small amount of compassion for her parents, Jeremy not being a complete jerk every minute), or the actors need to provide some of that subtlety. Otherwise, when the ultimate redemption comes, it’s not going to matter. And, that would be upsetting because it’s a shame to ruin any chance of the new characters having a long-term impact simply because the writing lacked any subtlety.

  5. I think it is odd that not only are Steph and Jeremy are unlikeable but they are both in already established relationship that has already had many milestones offscreen. That tells me TPTB aren’t looking for these two to last. So many different ways this could go.

    Mary: LOL, Jed was terrible.

    ESP: I also agree some humanity is needed if they are wanting these characters to last. And I can’t help but wonder if Jeremy is going to be an Anti-Horton since no one mentioned that family connection.

  6. But I kind of hope Jett might be.

    Me too! Course I freely admit its for the wrong reasons. Right now I’m burying my head in the sand (which is handily nearby at the beach) and am not giving up on Chelsea/Nick!!!

  7. Poor, poor Nick. He’s not going to be able to cope well with what happened to Willow, is he? I’m intrigued by the show deciding to go with Nick for this storyline, because by for dramatic purposes, it really should have been Shawn, given that he thought she was pregnant with his baby. But Blake Berris is definitely the actor more able to pull off an emotionally dark and meaty story like this, so I think he was the right choice.

  8. Oh interesting thought. I hadn’t even thought of Shawn in this storyline. LOL, course, that’s cause I can’t imagine Brandon having the chops to pull it off.

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