Days on iTunes

It seems that DOOL is finally going to be available online for people to download.  *Pauses*  Okay, it’s always pretty much been available to download but now it’s going to be OFFICIALLY available on iTunes.

This probably explains why Soapnet has changed it’s schedule making it more difficult to catch DOOL unless you use a DVR (which naturally then you would just use it to catch the show on NBC instead anyway).

Now, Mr. Corday, I believe this is definitely a step in the right direction.  By stepping into the digital age, DOOL can prove how popular it really is as well as possibly recouping some of that lost revenue.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Why not go ahead and release past episodes of the show?  From what I understand, the show is rumored to have saved every single episode and kept in the great soap vault you guys keep on the lot (cue Mission Impossible music) and it’s quite possible that if you were to release grouped episodes that fit around a storyline, oh, let’s just throw Stockholm out there for an example, you would make a KILLING.  I know I would purchase it because as much as I love my archives off the Internet, the quality stinks and it would be nice to have something that truly fits my TV screen.

But what do I know?  I’m just a consumer in that special 18-49 age bracket who has put classic storylines up on a pedestal for all time.


6 thoughts on “Days on iTunes

  1. Wow! That was exciting! And you are right, why not sell classic storylines.

    Kayla returns to Salem stalked by Steve!


    The three knives!

    Something about the pagoda (but that one was pretty confusing)

    Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John/Roman white water rafting down a river (my very first Days episode)

    Marlena in the Pit, with a turkey dinner dropped on her!

    I’d totally pay for those. Because my originals are video tape and they look terrible by now.

  2. I’m too oldfogeyish to have an iPod or anything, but you’d be surprised how quickly I’d become technosavvy if they put all the early S & K stuff on iTunes.

  3. Think of the possibilities! And I had forgotten the Marlena in the pit story. We can’t not see that again. LOL.

    I had an iPod but sold it. I want an iPhone something awful.

  4. I wonder about the business side of things. How many downloads would they have to get to cover the costs of digitizing and uploading the old eps? Do they see the clip sharing that goes on and figure that the demand is already watered down by that? And their tapes have been sitting around for thirty years, too — just how good is the quality now? (Probably much better than our fifth generation stuff, but still.)

    It would be awesome, though. The episodes I most want to see are the ones that came before VCRs — Doug and Julie’s early days in particular.

  5. Well, lska, my guess is the tapes are already digitized. It’s cheaper to go ahead and digitize tapes now instead of storing them in climate controlled facility as well as making sure you have some machines that can read outdated technology. No, they probably have them already uploaded somewhere.

    Not sure how the cost of putting episodes on iTunes works. You have to pay for iTunes storage of the episodes for sure as well as their bandwidth costs but that should still be cheaper than distributing and supplying DVDs across the country (as well as labels and cases).

    The Doug and Julie stuff would be awesome to see. I’d love to know how they initially fell in love.

  6. Oh, I hope they’ve already done that! I remember reading an article during Laura’s return to GH last fall, about GH having to go to an underground storage complex in Pennsylvania to get the episodes for flashbacks. I just assumed Days did something similar.

    Good point about some of the other costs saved on iTunes vs DVD. I would hope it would be cheaper for us, too. Knowing what they try to charge for a 22-episode season of primetime tv, it could really start to add up!

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