Once again Chick is opposite

A few months ago, when all storylines were stalled and the show was pretty much easily rated as boring, the only thing that had momentum and could hold your attention was Chelsea and Nick. Their story was moving, well warp speed, but Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris really had a chemistry that sparkled. I loved the pairing before but was 100% sold during the abysmal Shelle on the run storyline where they traveled to Canada.

Now fast forward to early summer (okay, technically still Spring) and the rest of the show has vastly improved. Storylines are moving and I am riveted to almost everything else. Now look at Chelsea and Nick. Though still have my attention and RM and BB are bringing every scene but I am finding their story is pretty much maddening and inconsistent.

I can understand Chelsea still having issues with Nick and her mom. I thought they “brushed” (heh) by this way too fast before and it’s time to really confront it. However, I don’t buy Chelsea breaking down and telling nearly complete stranger, Jett, about it. Also, her discussion with him today about how she admits she is trying to convince herself about how awesome Nick is in direct contrast to Hope last week. I want to think her confidence in Nick has been shaken with Willow’s death but shouldn’t that have strengthened her trust in Nick…because of the lengths he would go to for her like going to jail?

Nick’s side is more understandable. Okay, so the missed phonecall bringing on the drinking binge was a bit over the top but given Nick’s discussions on how girls have treated him in the past, I can totally buy him worrying about every little thing that does or doesn’t happen with Chelsea. He was dumped before when a girl had a “better offer” and he now is worried Chelsea has that with Jett. Hell, I worry about that too. I can relate to that story and it makes me root for Nick even more.

The last thing is the whole “sleep” with Nick thing. Last week, Nick was putting on the breaks on it and letting their first time be perfect. Though I admit sleeping in a dead hooker’s apartment seems to kill the mood, it’s really the first time he’s brought it up. In fact, it’s the same day since he brought it up. Why is Chelsea telling Jett that Nick is all “pressuring” her about it? Then they fight about it today. It’s lame in my opinion. And makes me want to actually FF for the first time ever. It also scares me that they will in fact “do it” and it will be horrible because neither was in a good place for it.

Don’t get me wrong, again, RM and BB are doing an awesome job. I just hate the convoluted story stuff today. What do y’all think? Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll be glad to hear it cause I frequently am.

Oh, good news though? Steve is back! And he brought Adrienne!!!!


8 thoughts on “Once again Chick is opposite

  1. Yeah, I can’t figure out Chelsea’s mood swings on this, unless (and its a big fanwanking unless), she’s so vulnerable about having put herself out there with Nick and feeling rejected, that now she’s thinking he was the one pressuring her.

  2. Interesting theory. However, the way Nick whined at the house accusing Jett of being the reason she “won’t sleep with him” I think is supposed to back her version she told Jett.

    Now the one thing I did like was how she took care of him today which was sweet if there isn’t this ugly thought in the back of my mind that this is all going to get very very ugly.

  3. Didn’t Hogan originally say Chelsea was going to drag Nick down into the muck with her? I seem to remember that waaaay back in one of his first interviews.

  4. Actually I think he initally said Chick would be a “tragic love story” which can make me very very nervous. LOL.

    But things change so much from story conception to final scenes. I just hope they aren’t “wrapping up” their story. That this is just an obstacle.

  5. I was going with them for the most part on the hairbrush/Willow story (I have larger problems with the conception of it, but the execution was fine), until Chelsea’s conversation with Nick at the police station and with Jett later. Why do they think we want to hear the female half of a couple say the male half is “pressuring” her into sex?

    Not that that doesn’t happen in real life, obviously, but when we’re talking about a rootable couple I like to see them wanting each other, even if they can’t be together.

    They wouldn’t break up Chelsea and Nick permantly, would they? Now you’re making me nervous!

  6. They wouldn’t break up Chelsea and Nick permantly, would they? Now you’re making me nervous!

    Awwww, I don’t want to make you nervous. Now, naturally all couples should be given obstacles and if TPTB can’t see the awesome chemistry between BB and RM, then I wonder if this show is worth watching.

    I do plan on writing in a letter like you, but I want to wait and see how this week’s scenes go because it’s quite possible TPTB will drop the ball on romance as they usually do and that will be my theme on my letter.

    This week should be a good week for Chick lovers (that sounds funny) but let me just say it won’t last.

    Oh, and if you like fanfiction, I just wrote my first (short) Chick story. It’s what I would call a missing scene from early in their courtship.

  7. tripp, I just got past these scenes, and while I haven’t caught up with anything else yet – though I know what’s coming – I have to agree with everything in your initial post. None of Chelsea’s mood made sense to me, and I couldn’t figure out if it was just because I’d taken a two week break between watching shows, but no, obviously it wasn’t that.

    Obstacles are one thing, but a little gentle movement into them makes a whole lot more sense than a middle of the same day change of attitude.

  8. Thanks Zara. This whole thing gets much much worse. I’m very interested in your take. I wrote down my thoughts in a Soap controversery but don’t read it if you haven’t been spoiled.

    They are throwing Nick’s character under the bus now to do an obvious triangle with Jett and it’s hurting my heart. There was no need for this at all and I feel it’s just sloppy writing to give them more obstacles and more obstacles.

    Everything else on this show has improved so much. Why now has the thing that had momentum become near ruining in such a short time?

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