Barker and the Daytime Emmy’s

How weird was it that I turned on the TV last night at 7 pm CST when primetime shows are supposed to begin and The Price is Right is on?

Yup, Bob Barker’s special final episode aired in primetime (in non related news yesterday was my own last day at my horrendous job as I decided it’s better to try to be self-employed rather than work in a real hellhole.) It was kind of nostalgic for me. Way back when I was a young child and before I got into soap operas (in fact they appeared boring to me. People took such long pauses before speaking and they always appeared sad.) I was so into game shows. Course, this was before the Game Show Network so you were forced to watch whatever was on the main networks. I generally watched Press Your Luck (the Whammy!), $125,000 Pyramid, and then the finale was always The Price is Right. Wheel of Fortune came on later in the day (remember how they used to force the winners to spend their money on those cheesy prizes on a revolving stage? Yes, you too can waste the $1,200 you just won on this show by pure dumb luck and be forced to spend it on a giant porcelain dalmatian.)

Then, at 8 pm, it was time for the Daytime Emmy’s. Something that used to get aired in the daytime actually for years.  Back then, during the scripted segments before the presenters got around to reading the nominees, at least one rib about being dressed in formal attire at such an early time of the day would get said.

I was so glad to see Genie Francis won! And I cracked up at Ellen’s presenting of the Best Game Show host. When I heard Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison would be presenting for DOOL, I had let it go pretty easily until I actually saw GH had allowed Tony Geary and Genie Francis to be presenters. I think even Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn would have been a more flattering choice since they are longtime vets of the show.

And Austin Peck introducing the children’s category was perfect casting.

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