Thinking of what to write next

Not that I speak about fanfiction here, but I just got done with the longest thing I have ever written, The Awakening.  What’s funny is after 55 chapters, I actually ended the thing early.  I might pick up another sequel but who knows.

Also, I had this plot bunny of writing out a Chelsea/Nick short fanfic story.  It’s so short it’s really a ficlet.  LOL, a Chicklet?  Anyway, it was just something to help me write about how awesome they were earlier this year compared to the miserable feeling I’m getting on them lately.  Why is it there are literally a dozen scenarios the writers could do with this couple that would showcase their talents, chemistry and story better than what is happening now?

Anyway, today’s show was really good.  Not sure exactly why John had to be down there with Bo and Hope, and what he thought he could do to take care of the “exploding device” (it’s called a bomb, Drake, try to remember your lines next time).  Was he going to stare the bomb into submission?  Whip it with his eyebrow?  Actually, between him and Hope, that would be thoroughly entertaining.

And I think the apocalypse is going to happen because I might very well enjoy the Shawn/Belle/Phillip triangle.  I realized today it isn’t compelling because of Phillip and Shawn vying for Belle’s attentions.  It’s Shawn and Phillip wanting Claire’s which is way more moving and heartbreaking than three actors could pull off in a love story, at least for BB and MM.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of what to write next

  1. I was kind of enjoying Philip and Shawn, especially their reaction to Belle apparently losing her marbles and singing a baby song. The threesome is fun, except when they’re fighting over Belle.

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